How To Hear Your Inner Voice? [Thoughts on connecting to the Universal Wisdom within]

“I followed my intuition when I embarked on my journey and it took me everywhere I needed to be”. Tom van Schingen The photo below “Somewhere on the road in Texas” was taken by a young adventurer, Tom van Schingen. Almost two years ago Tom replaced his life and career in Belgium with a Harley, to […]

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The Secret To Having More Patience When You Need It Most

(the photo was taken near Tillamook in Oregon) Though I am writing this sitting on my yoga mat – my place to restore balance – the recent days were trying times for my patience. Sometimes it’s the “other people”, sometimes it’s stuff happening when I’m rushing, and sometimes it’s the heat and humidity of August […]

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The Reasons For And Dangers Of a Past Life Regression

Many people are fascinated by the idea of past life regression. Others like to argue, using logic – which is completely useless here – that, intellectually reincarnation doesn’t make sense. But in the end – or what we should consider in the beginning: it doesn’t matter if what you see in past life regression is […]

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