Why do we suppress what we feel? [“From anger to inner peace.” Chapter 3]

“Child’s natural anger and emotional outbursts last about 15 seconds. Shaming the child for that anger blocks its natural release, and may result in the emotion being stuck in the person for years turning to self pity, or self centeredness.” Christiane Northrup M.D Lets look at what contributes to suppressed anger, resentment, shame and guilt. […]

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Is Forgiveness Necessary Before You Start Inner Work?

I had a talk about hypnotherapy recently and one of the listeners asked me:  Isn’t it necessary to forgive others first, before we start any work on ourselves?  (in hypnosis the “work” may be anything) I did not have a chance to answer the question at that time. The answer is not straightforward. In hypnotherapy […]

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Confused What “Self-Love” is? Here is the answer.

I had mixed feelings about “self love”. In the past I associated it with self-centeredness and arrogance. But when I looked deeper into it, and redefined it for myself, I realized that this is one of the most important works we need to do in life. It’s closely connected with developing our self esteem – […]

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