Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Job, Relationships, And Other Paths

  Millions of people are tormenting themselves with this questions: am I on the right path? Should I stay or should I go, and find something better? It applies to jobs, marriages, friendships, commitments, and a boring party. The “path problem” has many flavours, and many stages. “Why do you have that uncomfortable feeling that […]

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3 Ways To Remedy Regrets. [What Would a Navy SEAL, Pollyanna, or a Spiritual Seeker Do?]

We usually have regrets around relationships, business decisions, occupational choices, accidents… we could even regret eating (drinking, inhaling) something we shouldn’t. Sometimes we regret what we did, didn’t or what someone else did. (In other words:  who doesn’t mess up?!) I was asked to write about this topic, so it goes with warm wishes to […]

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Why do we suppress what we feel? [“From anger to inner peace.” Chapter 3]

“Child’s natural anger and emotional outbursts last about 15 seconds. Shaming the child for that anger blocks its natural release, and may result in the emotion being stuck in the person for years turning to self pity, or self centeredness.” Christiane Northrup M.D Lets look at what contributes to suppressed anger, resentment, shame and guilt. […]

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