One Woman’s Way To Set Emotional Boundaries + 6 more.

Nearly each of us has time in our lives, when we need to “set the boundaries” with a particular person. We do it basically… to stay sane, because in the overall picture of wellbeing, healthy emotional (and energetic) boundaries are crucial. Before I’ll talk (or remind you) about the ways we can protect ourselves, I […]

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Need To Believe In Past Lives, To Have Regression Therapy? (and what ‘A Course In Miracles’ says about reincarnation)

For me the concept of past lives is very exciting. I love to listen to the memories of people who vividly remember things from the distant times – as it often happens with young children. Others, find in past lives the explanation of strong attraction or conflict with someone.  I am also always surprised with […]

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How To Hear Your Inner Voice? [Thoughts on connecting to the Universal Wisdom within]

“I followed my intuition when I embarked on my journey and it took me everywhere I needed to be”. Tom van Schingen The photo below “Somewhere on the road in Texas” was taken by a young adventurer, Tom van Schingen. Almost two years ago Tom replaced his life and career in Belgium with a Harley, to […]

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