Coaching | Hypnosis | Energy Work with Joanna                                                                                         Phoenix,  Arizona

Hi, I'm Joanna. This is the reason I do this work:

[Coaching, Energy Work and Hypnotherapy]

To help you free yourself from any unnecessary pain. "Unnecessary" means - it's here to help us GROW, not to keep us stuck there.   It's here, so we can TRANSCEND ourselves.  It may come from a plethora of self-imposed limitations,  living according to others' plans for us,  from not having a solid foundation of peace and faith in ourselves, etc. 

Your emotional and spiritual pain IS A SIGN that you are meant to live LIFE BIGGER THAN THIS.  So pay attention to it... and take action.

Sometimes the work is a breeze, sometimes it's hard.  As I continue to work on myself, push thru my own limitations, I try to remember:   as hard as it is for my ego, this is what serves my SOUL.

To make the inner work as transformative and illuminating as possible, I have chosen the following modalities. 

You have access to all, but you may also opt out of some. 

  • Coaching. The coaching sessions are deep conversations happening in a sacred space that we both create with our presence.  I believe this is spiritual work and at the same time really down to earth.  This is a laboratory, to explore possibilities, and all feelings, with no judgement. 
  • Energy.  To manifest new reality we need to liberate ourselves as we create what we want. The energy centers of the human body, located in the subtle energy field, can serve as a framework for transformation. Why reinvent a new system if this is already within us?  When we look at the problems in our life we can easily tell which energy center is not functioning well. 
  • Reiki.  Energy healing. In this practice we help to harmonize the flow of energy thru your energy field, we cut energetic cords, if needed, it also helps with virtually any physical or emotional issue.  The energy will work for your highest good. This method is based on ancient wisdom. 
  • Hypnotherapy. Just as coaching works with your conscious mind (15% of your mind) so hypnosis works with your subconscious mind - the driving force behind all automatic activities, limiting believes, fears and creativity. It's is a pleasant state of light trance when you are only suggested messages that are for your highest good. (coaching proceeds hypnosis) What a better way to make a quantum leap? 
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others. —Marianne Williamson