I'm over the Moon you are here!  You've heard of this simple truth: when we don't have what we want, we are in our own way of getting it.  [often subconsciously] 

We carry negative memories that form our limiting beliefs, which together with Self-Judgement and our idea of  Self-Worth, contribute to  our misfired attempts to become the people we are meant to be. 


In 2010, I had this...  illuminating instant, when "I got it."  It was a moment that freed me from a very intense pain - and I knew, I had to help others.  I do this now in the most EFFECTIVE, POSITIVE, and GENTLE way possible: thru the deep inner work, soul-centered coaching and direct work with the subconscious mind.

In my blog I'm sharing practical thoughts on creativity, self-worth, inner peace, self-care, and spirituality [ this is a dogma-free zone ]


If you are interested in faster personal transformation,  call or write to me. You CAN be free from the emotional pain and limitations. You can have more power, confidence and peace in any area of life, including creativity. Imagine what's next. 


What my clients say after the sessions:

Joanna is getting better and better. You have to be born with this good and healing energy.

The reiki session was one of the best, gentle and at the same time powerful, beneficial,

and clearing. I felt like I could fly, I felt lighter and at the same time connected to universe again.

Theresa -  Reiki  Client

I have found Joanna to have the highest form of integrity and honesty in her work.  My session with her was peaceful and loving. The effects of our session lasted for days. It helped me continue with personal healing from a new and refreshed perspective.

N -  Reiki  Client

Joanne is an incredible coach and guide. She listens intently and captures the root of the issue you're facing in a matter of minutes. She crafted an experience to help me unblock my negative ego and open my creative essence. I highly recommend Joanne if you want to change your perception on something in your life. She is sweet, talented, calm and delightful. I will visit again and again.

K.D. - Reiki  / Hypnotherapy  Client

Joanna ... wanted to thank you again for your wonderful caring during our session, it meant an awful lot to me and my healing process.  Because of your help, "I once was lost but now I'm found. I was blind but now I see. "And want to once more thank you for a most powerful day in my life you gave to me back... It was transformational for me in so many ways ... and opened the doors wide ... both in and out.  Please know I appreciate what I received that day in a very special way.

M.K. One Day Intensive Client 

Went back to work on sleep. It is an ongoing project, but after seeing Joanna a couple of times, I am sleeping better. When I do wake up at night now I am not totally awake, but stay in a deeper state, which makes it easier to go back to sleep. After the first session working on my thumbs, they are much, much better now. Not the nagging almost always pain as before.
She is great." (sleep and artrisis client)

Ken S. Reiki  Client 

“I wanted to let you know just how brilliant you are at what you do.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and patience.

It is rare today to work with someone who is so gifted, talented and committed.

The hypnotherapy session was exhilarating and I gained a tremendous amount from the experience and I recommend that every person who is searching for growth try it.

Because of our sessions, I feel wonderful; I am more positive and enjoy all aspects of my life.

Thank you for providing me with the right tools!

I look forward to more sessions and continue on this journey of self-discovery

and feeling more empowered in my life.”
Anna-Hypnotherapy  Client

I had come to Joanna for assistance with an ongoing concern and issue. But immediate and unrelated concerns that surfaced that week were getting in the way of being able to focus on the ongoing issue I wished to resolve. Joanna was able to help me to address the immediate need, manage and soothe the distracting feelings so that I was able to move on to the real objective. I was able to identify some hidden beliefs that were blocking me from achieving my goal and turn them around to beliefs that serve my purpose. I received clarity around not only the future of this issue I was tackling but some well-defined steps for achieving this long-term goal. I walked away feeling like I knew where I was going and some things I needed to do to get there.

Jenny-One Day Intensive Client 

I had the honor of working with Joanna in some hypnotherapy sessions. She was able to lovingly assist me in the release of some blockages that were in my way. It hugely impacted my life and steered me in the right direction.  I highly recommend Joanna for any services that she provides.  Thank you, Joanna!!!!   

A.A. Subconscious Intervention / Hypnosis Client

You have the softest and kindest voice.  And even though my session was challenging, you handled it very professionally.  It helped that you wrapped up our session with positive affirmations and the clear understanding what progress was made in the sessions. Thank you for that.

Irene-Subconscious Intervention / Hypnosis Client

“You rocked it. Thank you so much. I think that your voice was designed for this type of work. It’s very soothing and trustful. Have you ever thought to make relaxation recordings and selling the online? I would totally buy mp3 and I’m sure hundreds of others would too. Your support is perfect timing in my life.”

Julie-Hypnosis Client 

Joanna was able to adapt to my unanticipated needs and tackle multiple issues while maintaining focus on the goal and utilizing multiple approaches to achieve it. This produced a very well-formed and thorough resolution. I was comfortable and given the time I needed to process in private when needed. I felt supported and the entire time and left with clear action steps to take and a clear vision of the results of taking them.

One Day Intensive Client 

​I’m not sure I could pinpoint exactly what transpired during our session…I t felt as if my Higher Self took over for a while to teach me to know that all is well in my body and that she is looking out for me….that I do not need to fixate on, nor do I need to be apprehensive about things….nor do I completely need to understand everything about situations either in my past, or my future. I can let go of my ego’s “need to know” and accept that my Higher Self already knows and is guiding me. That was how I came out of our session

Barb-Past Life Regression Client 

“Joanna was awesome, I felt listened to and inspired. I received clarity on what I was seeking. It was an honor to be her first client.”

Sergio-Hypnotherapy Client