The Gifts of Noble Silence. Notes From a Zen Retreat

  Few weeks ago I drove with my friend, Madison, to New Mexico to a Buddhist Center, to spend there few days. In this post I wanted to share briefly what I experienced, and what are the perfect circumstances for transformation. In other words: what are the gifts of Noble Silence. (Though there was a […]

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Honesty + Self Compassion = Lifesaving?

Do you feel that to be completely honest with yourself would be a brutal act of self destruction? Funny thing is: people you would call “normal” and “generally good” feel this way.  Yet, the story below tells how destructive could be the lack of honesty with ourselves.  An honest look at the “dark” corners of […]

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Morning Rituals. Part 2: The Laughable And The Unexpected

“Healthy habits are hard to develop but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with” – Brian Tracy Today’s post is about EXERCISING, specifically for peeps who ARE NOT thrilled about it. Again, the 6 elements of Morning Rituals are: meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmation, journaling, reading. I wrote […]

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