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What Creates Fulfillment?

The opposite of emptiness…  fulfillment means to have a sense of meaning, purpose, feeling that our efforts and life matters.  In a way it creates more physical energy and an undercurrent of positivity. How to create a sense of fulfillment? The “end” result will be different for everyone, but if you feel empty how do […]

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How to build new habits FAST with clarity and energy

I want to share few questions to ask yourself, that will will bring you complete CLARITY and ENERGY to starting or starting positive habits.  Why question? Because the quality of question we ask ourselves in our mind determines the quality of the answer. I will use the boring example of exercising… forgive me! But it’s so painful to […]

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If you were a queen… change your perspective, change the results

(I always write for both men and women, but this may be for women only… however there must be an equivalent for men. If you are one, what archetype would help you immediately step into your higher self? King? Knight? Superman? Warrior? Magician? …) Sometimes, if you are caught up in a conflict,  if you […]

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Few Lessons In Forgiveness. [Grace, justice, the risks of spiritual surrender]

Grace is the only force in the universe powerful enough to break the chains that enslave generations. Grace alone melts ungrace. Forgiveness vs justice What I have learned about forgiveness doesn’t come from my own experiences but from observing others. I value those lessons because like many people I had a problem to understand it […]

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