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Stop Accepting Invitations To Other People’s Drama: Free Your Mind.

There is a great way to free your mind, we are probably not using often enough. Stop accepting invitations to other people’s drama. You may say “that’s completely unrealistic” or “how selfish!” I’m not saying don’t listen to people’s problems, and pain.  Just being heard can help someone tremendously, even if we offer no solution. […]

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Your Spirit is Larger Than Your Life [and definitely larger than a cubicle life]

Why are we so afraid to face our feelings? Why are we afraid to lift the veil and look under this tension, that discomfort? Afraid to be in silence, alone, afraid to “show others who I really am”? [hint: often this is where the healing and the epiphany hides…] We are as afraid to cry, […]

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What Can You Do When You Feel Judged All The Time?

“Life is a process of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It’s so rewarding. You never know what else you will accept and appreciate about yourself, when you take the next turn.” – I think. How does it relate to feeling judged? People can be paralyzed by this feeling. They blame it on their strict religious background, or […]

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