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Your Creative Environment 3 – Space, Grace, Geography

Your Creative Environment 2 – Mind. Unlimited and Underestimated. 

Your Creative Environment 1 – Time. Guard it or Steal it

The dark side of the Creative Mind. Dangers of having the talents and not using them. 

How I failed. The lesson. [Failure is relative, irrelevant, neutral and not personal.] 

Give Your Creative Anxiety and Break

Love the bad pages – not the genetically modified tomatoes 

Three obstacles to expressing your creativity 

From scattered mind to laser focus 


How to find confidence when you feel insecure.

Morning rituals. Exercise 

Three easy practices to feel empowered now

What we lose when we take responsibility. 

7 steps to heal from repressed anger 

How to handle your anger

What’s under the anger? Ways to heal

Why we suppress what we feel? (from anger to inner peace) 

Six ways to elevate our spirit when you’re feeling blah.

Self-love vs. self-esteem 

Self-Doubt and Public Speaking. If I didn’t know what self-doubt is I would let it win. 

Are you trapped in this mental habit that ruins your self worth? 

Less anger and more peace – with strong personal boundaries. 


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My Self Care kit. Do you have one? 

What’s Self Love? 

Morning Rituals. Exercise. 

One Woman’s way to set emotional boundaries. 

Self forgiveness 

Golden promises. Direction. Short distance planning

Protect your sensitivity

Inner dialogue tune up. 

How to find more joy in the crazy world? 

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A shift in perspective for the sake of all our relationships. 

Ask better questions. Communication. 

Two ways of being Vulnerable (with a spoken track) 

A word to fear: Compromise. Don’t sacrifice yourself and don’t demand it. 

How to prevent a doormat explosion. 

One woman’s way to set boundaries. 

Have you found your tribe yet? 

How to handle Confrontations

How to be a better listener and how to find one. 

How to have more patience

7 reasons DIFFICULT people exist

When you are disappointed in love

Simple way to deal with critical people 

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Three mistakes we make when solving a problem  (with a spoken track)

The Cause of and the Cure for PROCRASTINATION

Is PERFECTIONISM  robbing you of connection and progress? Signs of perfectionism.

Three Routes to SELF DISCOVERY

Open Mind in Practice

Three easy practices to feel empowered now. 

You are NOT stuck!

Need a Breakthrough? How Does a Breakthrough Happen? 

Potential (with a recording to explore your own potential) 

3 ways of dealing with FEAR

NonJudgement, Oneness and big open spaces 

Does “self-improvement” make any sense? 

Can I get rid of ANGER if I meditate daily?  (spoken track) 

6 things messing with your INTUITION

Break free of LIMITING beliefs part 3 (pdf 45 questions)

LIMITING beliefs – why it’s so hard to change – part 1

9 ways to change LIMITING BELIEFS

How to end the post vacation blues

Don’t lose hope in post vacation depression (post travel depression PTD) 

How to feel better about the past (year) 

How to move one step closer to realizing your dreams? [ utilize the area of possibility]

From scattered mind to lazes focus 

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The Gifts of Noble Silence. Notes from a Zen Retreat

Morning Miracle. Meditation. 

How do you know you are open minded?

How to have more patience

Find your sacred space

Can I get rid of anger if I meditate daily? 

How to catch those fleeting moments? Here and Now.

Your greatest resource. Available 24 / 7 

Price of INNER PEACE (with a spoken track) 

How to change negative emotions in minutes

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Paths to Inner Freedom. Spirituality. 

How to hear your inner voice. Connecting with the universal wisdom 

Simplicity is the new luxury 

Craving SIMPLICITY? Start here. (spoken track) 

Good things about staying in a Comfort Zone 

How to practice gratitude, so it works

The price of inner peace. 

Are you choosing RESOURCES or OBSTACLES?

Just ditch the “3 steps” and use an elevator (trust and faith) (spoken track)

Balm for the Soul PLAYLIST 

Creating balance  – mission impossible?

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Your Life is A Journey, and You are the Hero. 

3 Ways to remedy Regrets. What would Pollyanna, Navy SEAL, spiritual seeker do? 

39 LESSONS on my 39th birthday

Utterly Uninspired? 

The lifesaving practice of being honest and having some compassion for yourself. (spoken track) 

We have different lessons to learn, different comfort zones to expand. 

Are you Killing your dreams to Please Others? 

Should I stay or should I go. Making Decisions. Choosing Paths. 

The Key to an Extraordinary Life

We take different paths. We arrive together. 

The divine lies within you

When someone calls you SELFISH

If you knew where you are going would you have to rush?

Three reasons you are not THERE yet

Share your story. Help others to redefine the ‘impossible.’ 

Chasing joy in the crazy world. 

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What is hypnotherapy, how it can help, what a session looks like. 

Past life regression  /  Regression Therapy 

Read before Hypnosis 

Hypnotherapy Q & A

Solution to any dilemma – parts therapy

Hypnosis by any other name

Do you need to believe in past lives to have regression therapy? 

The dangers of past life regression 

Tips on how to use self-hypnosis