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Stop Accepting Invitations To Other People’s Drama: Free Your Mind.

There is a great way to free your mind, we are probably not using often enough. Stop accepting invitations to other people’s drama. You may say “that’s completely unrealistic” or “how selfish!” I’m not saying don’t listen to people’s problems, and pain.  Just being heard can help someone tremendously, even if we offer no solution. […]

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Not speaking up for yourself? Don’t let this turn to a lasting resentment…

This video is about two communication habits, that do more harm than good, and we are in full control of changing them. This is the 3rd and last video with tips about how to move from negativity to peace, video 1 was about better boundaries, video 2 reservoir of peace, and part 3 is about using […]

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Create A Reservoir Of Inner Peace [ reduce anger and other negative emotions ]

I’m making 3 videos about “how to have more peace and less negativity including anger” This is video #2.  #1 was about boundaries and you can watch it in my previous post. # 3 about communication and speaking up is here.    Create a reservoir of inner peace from joanna zajusz on Vimeo. [transcript] Everyone of […]

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Build strong boundaries. Feel less anger and more peace.

How personal boundaries help to eliminate anger and resentment from life from joanna zajusz on Vimeo. [transcript of the video] How strong personal boundaries will virtually eliminate anger from your life?   Virtually – because you will still be able to go to the emotion, but you will have fewer reasons to do so. If […]

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