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Creativity: Transform the Tension, Release the Anxiety and Fear

Creativity… Turning ideas into reality… Channelling inspiration into something tangible… The mind was meant for creating. When inspiration is not a problem (they say it’s for the amateurs anyway),  on the contrary; there is an ideas overload, there are couple things that may  still block us from taking action.  In the last week I realized why […]

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Non-Judgement, Oneness, and Big, Open Spaces.

My friend, Joybroker, just wrote something insightful, and poetic about non-judgement. I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt uncomfortably inspired. When I think of “judgement”, I right away think of self judgement: a habit of comparing ourselves to others. Because to compare yourself, you need to judge first. Judge yourself. Judge the other person. Compare. Neither […]

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