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Need To Believe In Past Lives, To Have Regression Therapy? (and what ‘A Course In Miracles’ says about reincarnation)

For me the concept of past lives is very exciting. I love to listen to the memories of people who vividly remember things from the distant times – as it often happens with young children. Others, find in past lives the explanation of strong attraction or conflict with someone.  I am also always surprised with […]

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The Dangers Of Past Life Regression [ and why you should do it anyway]

Many people are fascinated by the idea of past life regression. Others like to argue, using logic – which is completely useless here – that, intellectually reincarnation doesn’t make sense. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if what you see in past life regression is true. What matter is: did it help you today, in […]

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9 Ways To Change Your Limiting Beliefs (also those you don’t realize you have). Part Two.

Choose one way that resonates with you, one you are drawn to. Not necessarily one that logically makes sense. Overcomplicating won’t work.  It’s better to focus on one thing, and engage fully. This will be more helpful than staying on the surface of 20 other things.There are many methods of transforming your limiting beliefs into empowering ones. […]

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