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Your Spirit is Larger Than Your Life [and definitely larger than a cubicle life]

Why are we so afraid to face our feelings? Why are we afraid to lift the veil and look under this tension, that discomfort? Afraid to be in silence, alone, afraid to “show others who I really am”? [hint: often this is where the healing and the epiphany hides…] We are as afraid to cry, […]

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One Day Vision Quest [ Notes from Sedona ]

In the past few months I visited Sedona more than in the previous 5 years, combined.  I want to share with you “few words” from those recent trips to the wilderness, the kind of wilderness, that a (usually barefoot) city dweller can handle. Imagine! This is the short version… If you are not familiar with […]

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Chasing Joy In The Crazy World

I have been waiting to write about it for months! I just couldn’t find the words.  The subject was too elusive.  I could not put my finger on it. And I want concretes. But I’m done. This is it.  (I still have no words, by the way) I became aware of the fact that I can’t […]

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Job, Relationships, And Other Paths

  Millions of people are tormenting themselves with this questions: am I on the right path? Should I stay or should I go, and find something better? It applies to jobs, marriages, friendships, commitments, and a boring party. The “path problem” has many flavours, and many stages. “Why do you have that uncomfortable feeling that […]

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