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Your Spirit is Larger Than Your Life [and definitely larger than a cubicle life]

Why are we so afraid to face our feelings? Why are we afraid to lift the veil and look under this tension, that discomfort? Afraid to be in silence, alone, afraid to “show others who I really am”? [hint: often this is where the healing and the epiphany hides…] We are as afraid to cry, […]

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How To Be An Alchemist Of Emotions [ freedom from suppressed anger ]

From Anger To Peace - a book by Joanna Zajusz

October 2017 UPDATE: I unpublished this book on Amazon, because there is a need to update it. It should be back by the end of the year. If you bought the other version email me to get the updated one, free.  You never emailed me on anything as much, as you did on the topic […]

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