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Not speaking up for yourself? Don’t let this turn to a lasting resentment…

This video is about two communication habits, that do more harm than good, and we are in full control of changing them. This is the 3rd and last video with tips about how to move from negativity to peace, video 1 was about better boundaries, video 2 reservoir of peace, and part 3 is about using […]

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Build strong boundaries. Feel less anger and more peace.

How personal boundaries help to eliminate anger and resentment from life from joanna zajusz on Vimeo. [transcript of the video] How strong personal boundaries will virtually eliminate anger from your life?   Virtually – because you will still be able to go to the emotion, but you will have fewer reasons to do so. If […]

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5 Awesome Retorts To Those Rude Remarks

Isn’t it tragic how long we can hold grudges against someone for one, pointless, critical comment, that got under our skin? Or how it can ruin our whole day, even cause suppressed anger and resentment?  What can we do, to laugh in those situations vs being hurt by them? Therapist and hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, offers […]

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One Woman’s Way To Set Emotional Boundaries + 6 more.

Nearly each of us has time in our lives, when we need to “set the boundaries” with a particular person. We do it basically… to stay sane, because in the overall picture of wellbeing, healthy emotional (and energetic) boundaries are crucial. Before I’ll talk (or remind you) about the ways we can protect ourselves, I […]

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