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Stop Accepting Invitations To Other People’s Drama: Free Your Mind.

There is a great way to free your mind, we are probably not using often enough. Stop accepting invitations to other people’s drama. You may say “that’s completely unrealistic” or “how selfish!” I’m not saying don’t listen to people’s problems, and pain.  Just being heard can help someone tremendously, even if we offer no solution. […]

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The Three Things That Will Save The World [including our private ‘worlds’]

What is the solution to our problems… all problems? The unreasonable? This is a long shot, but after analyzing the most hopeless situations in private lives and the world, I’m absolutely certain this is the best solution.  If it seems far removed from those problems, it’s because this is the foundation from which everything unfolds. […]

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One Day Vision Quest [ Notes from Sedona ]

In the past few months I visited Sedona more than in the previous 5 years, combined.  I want to share with you “few words” from those recent trips to the wilderness, the kind of wilderness, that a (usually barefoot) city dweller can handle. Imagine! This is the short version… If you are not familiar with […]

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