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The Three Things That Will Save The World [including our private ‘worlds’]

What is the solution to our problems… all problems? The unreasonable? This is a long shot, but after analyzing the most hopeless situations in private lives and the world, I’m absolutely certain this is the best solution.  If it seems far removed from those problems, it’s because this is the foundation from which everything unfolds. […]

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Not speaking up for yourself? Don’t let this turn to a lasting resentment…

This video is about two communication habits, that do more harm than good, and we are in full control of changing them. This is the 3rd and last video with tips about how to move from negativity to peace, video 1 was about better boundaries, video 2 reservoir of peace, and part 3 is about using […]

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Self-doubt’s killing your confidence? No more. 3 steps to a stress-free speaking experience.

confidence [noun] – faith in one’s abilities self-doubt [noun] – lack of faith in one’s abilities   Imagine having a sports car and driving only 20mph… or worse: not knowing you have a sports car, in a hidden garage, and driving a lemon instead… THIS IS WHAT SELF-DOUBT DOES TO US. Let me tell you […]

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