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Morning Rituals Part 2: Exercise

“Healthy habits are hard to develop but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with” – Brian Tracy Today’s short post is about EXERCISING, specifically for peeps who ARE NOT thrilled about it. Again, the 6 elements of Morning Rituals are: meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmation, journaling, reading. I […]

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Relationships and Vulnerability.

[transcript] No wonder Brené Brown’s talk about vulnerability is such a hit. Vulnerability is new, scary and hard… very hard when we start. Of course like everything, I suppose, we can overdo this too. Revealing our naked souls (whatever that means) in front of someone who can do awful things with the information, or who […]

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Three Ways Of Dealing With Fear

Fear and doubts really can delay our progress, our happiness. For example: fear can paralyze you from sharing your artwork, performing, because you are afraid of rejection and critique. Or it can stop you from breaking up with someone, who is making you miserable, because you are afraid you be always alone and the only […]

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