Coaching that is Holistic and Transformative

Life, Creativity, Depth, Purpose, Business, ​Refuge, Adventure, Action, Alignment, Inner r.Evolution

"Where would you be today if you had a coach a year ago?"- Your Inner Adventurer

Hello, I'm Joanna.  Is this you?

You are...

  • You are at the "fork in the road." You actually have been camping there for so long,  you can now legally claim the land.
  • You have a wonderful vision of what you can do (great things!) but at this time your life doesn’t really reflect this vision.
  • You underestimate yourself most of the time. ( But you are ready to see your worth and become an unstoppable force of nature. )
  • Your soul is starving ( not thriving ) You feel deeply, you are sensitive, and have increasingly more difficult time pretending that "everything is fine!"
  • ​There is a negative pattern repeating itself in your life, and you want to be done with it. For good. 
  • You are ready to do the work

You want... 

  • ​Someone to give you full, undivided attention: You want a deep conversation about you. 
  • ​You want to fire your inner: critic, perfectionist, judge, saboteur, victim, etc
  • ​You want things to get done! Creative projects to get done! The thing that would mean most to you - to get done! 
  • You are - to hell with it! - done waiting!  You are ready to elevate your sense of worth, identity, power, passion [ fill in the blank ] 
  • ​You want to liberate your inner artist / creative side
  • You want to explore your larger sense of Self in the aspect of timeless Archetypes and karma. 
  • You are ready for change. 

Maybe you have wild dreams about a coach who can be a bit woo woo, but is also grounded. To the point.  A coach who is a bit european, but pretty flexible about the "watch your language" thing.  Someone who could even work in person!  [ in Arizona ] and... hello!? she must love dogs! 

***  Most coaches will help you to find clarity, maximize your strengths, plan a strategy.  Maybe even support you as an artist in a big project. This is mainly the area of the conscious mind (15% of your mind)  The benefit of working with me is that when your internal blocks, negative beliefs, and sabotage come to the surface - I can help you to work thru them on the subconscious level (and yes, I’m certified in this work) ***

  • Coaching is not: mentoring (unless we agree it is.) It is not counseling or a therapy.  
  • Coaching is a process of fully supported self inquiry, finding inner guidance, process of better understanding of your Self, your self esteem, so you can take bold - yet aligned - actions in life. 
  • A coach is not telling you what to do, but helps you expand your vision of what's possible and then supports you in narrowing down your course of action.
  • You take 100% responsibility for your actions resulting from coaching. 

I work with a limited number of clients.  Let's have a conversation today.

I will contact you back within a maximum of 24h 

Discovery Call

The purpose of the 60 min Discovery Call is to see (for both of us) if we are going to make that extraordinary coaching relation you need, to get to your dream goals.   

Are we speaking "the same language"?   Am I the best person to support you in your particular challenge?  

Do I get you?  Do you resonate with my approach?

Once you know how we can work together, we start as soon as you are ready. Or... decide that another time may be better. Whatever you choose is fine, as long as you feel the decision is for your highest good.