Private One Day Experience

[ Refuge. Restore. Release. ]

Intensive, deep inner work.  Conscious and subconscious.  Your gift to your body, mind, heart, and soul. 

  • When was the last time you felt deeply listened to, without judgement?  (and had the time to say it all?)
  • Do you dream about having the time to fall apart, mend the broken parts, and come together stronger and aligned?
  • Does life feel like stumbling over other people’s stuff,  in a dark hallway,  not sure which door to open?
  • Has it been too long since you gifted yourself A DAY for self exploration and healing / day of finding clarity and planning?
  • What stops you from interrupting that pattern that runs your life?

I’m offering this one day, private experience because...

...I believe you need and deserve time dedicated only to yourself.  You deserve personal attention of someone who will  listen with compassion, without judgement.  Everyone sometimes needs another person to be a mirror, to reflect your strength, beauty, power - which we often can’t see ourselves.   We need another person to work with us on the pieces that need mending.

You come as you are - it's a soul REFUGE.

You recover, RESTORE, plan... you align with your inner truth.

You are ready to go back.  RELEASED.   Remembering you can fly.

Commit to yourself.  Allow yourself to have more self-compassion, self-respect, and love for the being that you are.

The one day intensive is FOR you:

  • if you are willing to do the work that will get you the results fast. 
  • if you already do some self introspection and you are aware [ more or less]  what's going on inside you. 
  • if you are ready to look even deeper within and make the changes on that level.
  • if you want to address the conscious issues and remove the subconscious blocks.
  • if you are ready for some inner revolution which will overflow into your life

It is NOT for you: 

  • if you are too afraid to look within 
  • if you are never doing any introspection, and you are never clear about how you feel.
  • if you are afraid of change, anywhere. 
  • if pleasing others is more important to you, than standing in your power and living with passion.
  • if you are afraid to be honest with others about your inner life  (however you never need to share everything) 

What happens during the day?

While you provide the goal and everything is adjusted to address your needs and wishes, you may experience any combinations of the following:

soul-centered coaching, deep inner work, personalized guided meditation (hypnosis, imagery, to address any subconscious blocks, etc),  past life regression, intuitive coaching, a hike, a ritual in the mountains, a visit to a sacred place, spiritual conversation, (based on your spiritual beliefs), Akashic records, and more... 

How does it work?

It spans about 2-3 weeks.  

1)  First we have an initial call / conversation about your goal.

2)  Once you decide you want to do it,  and once I know I’m the right person to help you:

a.  We set a date.

b.  You make a payment to secure the date.

3)  You may email me in the meantime as much as you want.   We will likely have one more in depth conversation (some people have more to say than others)

4)  THE DAY:  we will work together for 5-6 hours,  roughly from 12 noon to 7pm.  You have your private space, breaks and some time alone to process.  

5)  A week or so after the session  we have another phone conversation about changes, wins, challenges, and progress.

You can always expand the day to two days (price is adjusted based on my time and your accommodation)