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Private One Day

I’m offering this one day, private experience because I believe you need and deserve time dedicated only to yourself.  If you don't remember when was the last time someone gave you their undivided, judgment-free attention, focused on your wellbeing - you will find this Day transformative. 

Deep inner work.  Conscious and subconscious.  Your gift to your body, mind, heart, and soul. 

  • When was the last time you felt deeply listened to, without judgement?  (and had the time to say it all?)
  • Do you dream about having the time to fall apart, mend the broken parts, and come together stronger and aligned?
  • Does life feel like stumbling over other people’s stuff,  in a dark hallway,  not sure which door to open?
  • Has it been too long since you gifted yourself A DAY for self exploration and healing / day of finding clarity and planning?

Is The OneDayExperience For You?

It is FOR you:

  • if you are ready to invite more self-acceptance, self-respect, self-compassion into your life.
  • if you are willing to do the work that will get you the results fast. 
  • if you already do some self introspection and you are aware [ more or less]  what's going on inside you. 
  • if you are ready to look even deeper within and make the changes on that level.
  • if you want to address the conscious issues and remove the subconscious blocks.
  • if you are ready for some inner revolution which will overflow into your life

It is NOT for you:

  • if you are too afraid to look within 
  • if you are never doing any introspection, and you are never clear about how you feel.
  • if you are afraid of change.
  • if pleasing others is more important to you, than your wellbeing.

Schedule Your Initial Free Breakthrough Session
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From $495.00

What you get:

  • In the ODE [ one day experience] you will get what you need. Coaching, intuitive coaching, Reiki, Hypnosis or Past Life Regression, A ritual, Sound Energy Healing, Akashik Records, Nature Walk, etc... what you ask for and what will be a good idea based on our conversation. 
  • During the day we will work together for 5-6 hours. In the space between you will have private time to process, journal, etc. 
  • The place: a delightful, private guest house, near my healing room. If you prefer your hotel room - it's a possibility (Conditions apply.)

How does it work?

It spans about 2-3 weeks.  

1)  First we have the initial call about your goals.

2)  Once you decide you want to do it:  a. we set the date  b.  You make the payment

3)  You may email me in the meantime as much as you want.

4)  THE DAY:  we will work together for 5-6 hours. You have your private space, breaks and some time alone to process.  

5)  A week or so after the session  we have another phone conversation about changes, wins, challenges, and progress.

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My healing room is located near Biltmore / AZ-51 and Bethany Home. 

Contact: 480.331.8004  jo at positivelyrebellious dot com

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