How to build new habits FAST with clarity and energy

I want to share few questions to ask yourself, that will will bring you complete CLARITY and ENERGY to starting or starting positive habits. 

Why question?

Because the quality of question we ask ourselves in our mind determines the quality of the answer.

I will use the boring example of exercising… forgive me! But it’s so painful to start/restart this habit, so many people can relate.

Wake up and do the work

Imagine you just woke up and you recall you “should” exercise. But you don’t feel like it.

Here come the questions. Pick one question that – you know-  will have the biggest impact on you. 

  • How will I look and feel like 20 years from now, if I do / don’t exercise?
  • How will I look and feel like a year from now if I do / don’t exercise
  • How will I feel and perform TODAY if I do / don’t exercise?

Now: use your IMAGINATION to really answer the questions to yourself.

You know well that even short exercise will boost your confidence, mental strength and performance t/o the day. It will have countless physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. It’s not only about looking good but also about health, and mental abilities. 


Whether you are motivated by pain (push) or pleasure (pull) – these questions will get you to exercise. The pain of feeling like you wasted years not taking care of yourself… The pain of denying yourself so many things that would be possible for you if you only had the confidence from looking and feeling better.

I’m not saying that the way we look is most important, but speaking from my own experience I know the difference between accepting myself as I am and confidence of feeling great in my skin. It’s a difference between hard work and ease. It this case I’d rather do the hard work of exercising, than the hard work of accepting my flaws.

Do you have more clarity? Do you have more energy?

Now that you answered the questions…

Maybe you realized you don’t care how you will feel today and how you will look a year or x years from now. You have the clarity.

Maybe you realized the time is NOW, there is no time to lose and to feel great by the end of the day or x years from now you need to start working towards it NOW. That creates clarity and the energy you need to do what needs to be done.

Still trying to build up discipline? In the previous post I wrote about two ways to

make discipline irrelevant. 
Joanna Zajusz

Joanna's mission is to help clients be inspired by their own life and fall in love with themselves, so they can say: it's good to be me! Spiritual and energy (no dogma) coach, with a no-nonsense approach to energy healing and deep inner work - her goal is to serve clients GENEROUSLY; to create a transformative, ILLUMINATING, grounding and DYNAMIC coaching journey, for women and men ready to reclaim their POWER and the POSSIBILITIES ahead. She is a certified Mind Body Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cert. Life Coach (and holds a Master of Art and Education from the University of Silesia, in Poland) and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.