Balance. Mission Impossible Or Daily Practice?

Balance Daily Practice

One day I was watching an interview with one of the most magnetic speakers out there and she said:  “balance is a myth”.  It immediately caught my attention. Was it a provocation?

I believed in balance. But I also liked to believe in things impossible…

So…is balance truth or myth? What’s your experience?

I realize, balance is not a permanent state. It is the ideal state, for most of us. Even if every day something tries to kick us out of balance, like a roly-poly doll we do what it takes to go back. Is there something we can do to get there faster?

Making it possible. Balance on speed dial.

Last year I made a list of things I need, in order to be fulfilled in all areas of my inner life. It was quite simple, general. But it served its purpose. Whenever I felt something is missing I would check what part of life it applies to, and took right steps to get back. In Balance on Speed Dial you are not waiting passively to be connected with equilibrium. Instead, you are mindful, taking notice, taking action. This is also a way to get to know yourself better.

Example: Let’s say you feel disconnected or restless. You go to your list and the feelings match “connect with nature”. What steps can you do? What would fulfill you now? Taking a walk? Planting few herbs? Hugging a tree or walking barefoot on sand or grass?

Another example: You feel alone. Your list says that you need to “connect with others”. Take action: Is there a friend you didn’t talk to for 6 months? Call. Can you go to a hospice to volunteer? Go out. Sometimes very deep conversations happen in a bar. Animals can also give us a wide range of positive emotions. Do you have a pet you didn’t pay close attention to recently? Look into their eyes.  (I hope your pet has eyes…) Talk to them gently.

So, do you want to try? Dive in! Take paper, pen and 15-30 minutes

1. Make a list, draw a circle or pick any geometrical figure that’s intriguing to you.

2. Take all areas of your life under consideration. Write down what you need in each of them to have a outstanding day. Start dividing that circle, the pyramid pie or the enneagon. Go beyond the lines. Close your eyes. Imagine the ideal life. What’s most important?  What can you do each day to have it.

Questions that may help: What does your body need in order to feel great? What do you need for an intellectual stimulation?What nourishes your soul? Pay attention: what uplifts you, energizes you, makes you smile? What makes you cringe – put opposite of that on the list. What do you need NOW to feel better, what do want to do now? What will soothe this uneasiness? What doesn’t feel right. What brings you inner peace? What do you feel; what does it mean that you feel it;  what can you do to feel right, balanced, amazing?

3. Maybe you want to create some categories. Perhaps you want to divide it to: mind, body, spirit, relationships, creative fulfillment? Or to six human needs? (certainty, uncertainty, love – connection, growth, contribution, significance) Better yet: make it custom.

4. What did you just create?  A custom made Balance on Speed Dial. Or perhaps a Daily Practice? A tool that you can go back to, when “something is missing”, “when something doesn’t feel right”, when you feel lonely, bored, disconnected, uninspired, etc.

Save the “Balance on Speed Dial”. Use it. Soon it will become obvious to you that you are in charge of how you want to feel.

So .. balance.. truth or myth? It’s up to you.

Joanna Zajusz

Through advanced hypnotherapy and life coaching Joanna has been helping clients to become free of their once adopted limitations, find confidence in their own voice, and create a strong foundation of inner peace.
She is a certified Mind Body Wellness Coach who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. (Because she moved to the Southwest – her dream – only 14 years ago, you may still detect a Central European accent in her writings and speech.) She is a passionate fan of Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, and Dr. Robert Anthony.

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