Do you Compromise What You Love? (Relationships 2)

do what fulfills you

[One Action To Better Your Relationship Today]

1. Don’t sacrifice yourself

(your time, friendships, what you love, your job or  your hobby)

I witness this too often. Long term sacrifice in the name of marriage – or in the name of our ideas how it suppose to look like. Or an idea that since you are married, now you need to do everything together. ugh. The question is:  did your spouse ask you to give up what is important for you? Or you just assumed this is what they want?

As rebellious as it may sound, this is my take on it: if you plan to give up something you care about, to make the other person happy, it may be worth to make sure they know about it! (without making them feeling guilty, stay on the positive side… I don’t make it a 100% rule though…) 

In a good relationship, if your partner is confident, he  or she  will not want you to resign from what you love.  

2. Don’t demand they give it up for you.

On the other hand, even if you have no interests of your own (really?), don’t demand that your spouse will give up his or her fishing, flying, nordic walking or sumo wrestling  just because you are now together.

If this brings them true joy – they give up an important part of their life, if you demand they stop, to become your full time slave.


It is worth to keep very, very flexible any rules we apply to relationships.  So they can really serve us, not themselves.

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