*** During September 2017 - I'm offering only long distance Reiki***

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Available over the phone, skype, GH, and in person in Phoenix in Arizona


Please contact me for prices.  ​Payment forms: cash, paypal, credit card

Private One Day Experience

[Refuge. Restore. Release]

  • In-depth consultation (approx 1-2 weeks before our day; before the payment)
  • THE PRIVATE INTENSIVE:  5 - 6 hours of work - plus breaks and your private time alone 
    • You will receive notes from the day within 24 h
    • Follow up call.  To review the changes and to address new experiences.
  • You are ready for this ONE DAY Experience if you need time to "fall apart", to take a look at the broken pieces, realize what is the "true you", decide the next plan of action, being, living, and put it all back together.  Or maybe you feel quite strong, you just need more clarity and help in planning, aligned with your truth. I closely assist you in all this, while holding for you a space of non judgement and compassion, with the right strategies to apply in every moment.  

Life Coaching  *body mind heart spirit*   

Soul-centered coaching  |  Creativity coaching  |  Life

This is deep inner work, where you get to change the underlying causes of your repeating issues, you change on the cellular level, you create new thinking and new brain pathways. 

  • You may have one time breakthrough session, 3h [ no long term commitment ] 
  • You may commit to one to six month coaching (or longer) to see yourself truly unfolding and expanding.
  • or we may personalize the program for you when it comes to the frequency and lenght of sessions. 
  • Long, in-depth initial conversation   ( before the payment )
  • Notes sent to you from the sessions within 24h / if applicable. 
  • Unlimited email access. 
  • There are a variety of tools we use in coaching. When we work in person - which is my favorite way -  it's more an adventure than just phone conversation. 

Hypnotherapy / Personalized Guided Meditation 

  • Includes in-depth phone consultation  (before payment)
  • About 90 min personalized hypnotherapy session in person   [ hypnosis part takes 35-50 min of that time ]

Regression Therapy / Past Life Regression 

  • session takes 2-3 h
  • includes in-depth phone consultation  (before payment)
  • Review of the session.   [ Notes emailed within 24h ]

Reiki  (in person and distant energy healing)

  • In person sessions are in Phoenix $75.00  / hour
  • Distance Energy Healing: 1 skype call, followed by 5 of Reiki at the agreed time $175.00