Past Life / Regression Therapy

past life regression

Regression therapy otherwise knows as Past Life Regression  is another hypnotherapy technique, conversational style, which can be used to help with many problems. It amazes me every time what can be discovered, released, healed. This fascinating method deserves attention and a try! Whatever problem you are working on – there is no side effects to it – it is another way of guiding a personalized visualization.

This technique may help you with your medical condition, relationships problems, chronic pain, confidence, life’s purpose and more.

The Steps:

  1. Call me or email me with any questions.
  2. In depth consultation / establishing goal for the session
  3. You will receive a form to fill out in PDF or you can do it here. 
  4. Before you arrive: Your eyes will be closed for over an hour – please  be ready to remove contact lenses if you need to.
  5. Please block about 2 hours of your time.
  6. Occasionally  the sessions may bring up lots of emotions. If you wear makeup you may need to correct it after the session.
  7. The hypnotherapist will make notes during the session so you can completely relax and focus on what you experience in that moment.

How does it feel?

Some people are afraid they will see something that will scare them. However it is believed that your subconscious mind will not show you anything you are not ready to see. And the images that will appear will relate to your question / intention. Important to remember is also that your subconscious mind may communicate with you thru metaphors.

The events experiences may feel more or less real, very often you can feel the emotions. You may cry, you may be sad, but you also may feel bliss, joy and smile. If you communicate that you experience something unpleasant, my voice will remove you from that situation. You can never be “stuck” in hypnosis – another questions appears often. Overall it is a very pleasant state.

Do you need to believe in past lives?

The beauty of this technique is that it works no matter if you believe them or not. If you have strong religious believes negating this possibility, than you probably will not ask for it.

I say it doesn’t matter if those lives really happened or not, what is the most important, that the information received during the session help people to release pain, get bigger picture of theirs life, they help to see all the underlying “secrets” that run their lives or relationships, and even heal.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is “just curious” OR who wants to resolve a problem and “nothing else worked”.

Examples of problems past life regression may help with*:

  • release of negative habits
  • family issues / relationship problems and questions / improving relationships
  • self esteem
  • sleeping problems
  • anxiety, stress
  • weight management
  • phobias, fears
  • medical conditions
  • chronic pain*
  • life patterns
  • life purpose

Does it always work?

Some people experience blockage when it comes to past life regression and don’t see anything. When that happens we can move into a different session that may still answer your question, resolve your problem.

* Neither this nor other techniques mentioned are designed to diagnose or treat any disease.  Regardless of recorded healing cases, hypnotherapy cannot claim “healing”. Hypnotherapist is NOT a health care practitioner. Chronic or unexplained pain will be addressed in hypnotherapy only after the practitioner receives a written agreement from your doctor that such therapy is safe for you (I can email the form to your doctor so you get the “ok” faster). The reason for this is: we do not want your body to ignore any warning signals.