The Dark Side Of A Creative Mind [ how having and not using turns against us]

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“The Soul needs to create and give”

“If the creative energy within is not expressed – it turns into destructive force.”  This message has been mentioned in the ancient texts, repeated by too many people, to attribute it to one person.


  • The free spirit, who got stuck in the “safe and secure.”
  • It’s for the artist who stopped creating.
  • Whose creativity was bullied or bribed with a promise of a “secure” job.
  • It’s for someone who gave up.
  • If you think now “What do you know about my life? I really don’t have time”  (same words I’d say before) it is for you. Because you got defensive.
  • It’s for you – if you ignore the Artist Archetype within. And it is for me.

There is a possible danger hidden in gifts that are not used and not expressed – and I bet everyone feels it deep inside.

The danger is: regrets, bitterness, disappointment with yourself.  Wasted resources and potential. You may think that your ideas are too big to be realized, so it makes no sense to start. But you know and I know – to deny the talents turns into real pain.  In the end you’ll ask yourself  “did I do what really mattered?”  If you have the Artist / Creative Archetype within: what matters is to create.

It doesn’t matter how big the idea and how small your first actions towards it seems to be. Big things are a small actions glued together with Vision. Vision  may come from a spontaneous play.  “Big” could be the sense of freedom that comes from simply singing a song. 

The dangers are all preventable. In fact ONE day can make the difference.

The conclusion of the article is: JUST DO IT!

Here is the longer version:

Let’s look at the dangers of not creating

1. Compromised self esteem

What happens when you are…

  • giving up on something,  that wants to be expressed by your soul… something that is essentially YOU?
  • seeing creativity as something that can wait, something minor.
  • looking at it as play – while you feel, you have “no time” for play. (Play is essential for wholehearted living – Brene Brown. Play is one of the ingredients of happy life – Martha Beck.)

When an artist ignores the inner need to paint, dance, sign, sculpt, build – the gift is wasted and – naturally – the self esteem of the person suffers – because the time is spent on things that will never give so much satisfaction, so much depth, so much meaning.

2. Wasting the life force.

If our energy and talents were money, we would invest them much better.

But we are ok to invest time, energy,  talents where we lose:   on things that don’t nourish us,  work that makes us sick, people who take away joy.  What may seem as  small compromise over time reflects later as a depression,  the spiritual crisis.

The cases when we can quit day job and focus on art are rare, (yet not impossible), but when we can invest just one hour daily, or a weekend, to express our creativity – it changes everything. Because the energy that you get from it allows you to survive easier the “ real job”

For some time I was looking at me making art as something that does not serve others. Shouldn’t I volunteer more? Pick up trash from the park? Help refugees to acclimate in the new place? Help foster-care children? But the truth is – if something doesn’t energize us- it steals prana / chi / energy from us. It is good for nothing. That’s a real waste. 

  1. A good directional sign is: go where there is ENERGY (it is literally life supporting on the cellular level)
  2. Some people were MADE to work out there. Other people were MADE to work alone. 
  3. When I look at the type of arts I’m NOT involved in (music, architecture, design)  I’m not thinking: what a waste it is or how expensive their art is: no…  I’m thinking: WHAT A GIFT they are to us… Their work is priceless. How poor the world would be without music that moves our hearts and bodies, how sad would be my favorite thing: driving alone thru the desert highway without demi lovato, kenny chesney or iron maiden, or without beautiful buildings, bridges, clothes.

Our job is only to create. It is not our job to control how others will feel about it.

3. Engaging in something negative and destructive

Creativity, if not channeled into constructive  work, turns against us contributing to destructive behavior or emotions. 

The destruction could be expressed as : critique of other artists, self critic, deeply seated resentment towards those who “didn’t let you study theatre”, etc.  Destruction of the works of others: either physical or in form of reviews online, in magazines.  Bullying other’s creativity at work.

Caroline Myss,  “Sacred Contracts”, writes about an artists who diminished his creativity and his inner calling and at the same time talking negatively about every single other artist. (Though not expressed in art,  his creative energy was translated to being negative about others.)

A woman I once knew had a passion for stylization, great eye for matching clothes into masterpieces.  Her creativity and talent could help others to look better. Yet she concentrated daily on criticising others’ outfits. Looking from another perspective the mismatched outfit was an opportunity for her creativity to flourish.

When I “gave up” on art, I felt the sadness inside, turning against me,  deep disappointment with my self and a feeling of wasted time. 

The above are just innocent examples of “destruction”

One day is enough to get us out of the funk, no matter how long we had it. 

As we become focused by focusing,  joyful by searching for joy, patient by being peaceful in this moment – we can find inspiration by opening our senses to the inspiration around. 

“You are far more than your personality, and achievements.

You are an infinitely complex human being with stories, and myths, and dreams – and ambitions of cosmic proportions. DON’T waste time UNDERESTIMATING yourself. Dream big. Use your archetypes.

If you are an Artist, make art. If you are a Visionary, imagine something the future needs, then join forces with an Entrepreneur, to make a venture out of it.

Use the energy of your archetype to express the true reason you were born.

Life was never meant to be safe. It was meant to be lived right thru the end.” Caroline Myss

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Joanna Zajusz

Through advanced hypnotherapy and life coaching Joanna has been helping clients to become free of their once adopted limitations, find confidence in their own voice, and create a strong foundation of inner peace.
She is a certified Mind Body Wellness Coach who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. (Because she moved to the Southwest – her dream – only 14 years ago, you may still detect a Central European accent in her writings and speech.) She is a passionate fan of Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, and Dr. Robert Anthony.

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