Relationships and Vulnerability.

[transcript] No wonder Brené Brown’s talk about vulnerability is such a hit. Vulnerability is new, scary and hard… very hard when we start. Of course like everything, I suppose, we can overdo this too.

Revealing our naked souls (whatever that means) in front of someone who can do awful things with the information, or who thinks it’s a sign of weakness – is a disaster.

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness – Brené Brown

But I guess, we can “do” vulnerability in two different ways.

One is the weak way.

The other is the strong way. 

The weak one is when we reveal something sensitive, and expect to be patted on a shoulder… when we feel our life depends on someone saying ” it is ok”,  when we are looking for approval from others, and we are not at peace until we get it. (I can see how this could be a way in the darkest times in life)

The strong way is when we reveal the  truth about ourselves and it liberates us and we wouldn’t change it,  no matter what’s going to be the reaction. We are ok, because we accept the [vulnerable] facts about ourselves…  We are independent from other’s opinion about us. (thing to practice). This is: self acceptance and self respect at work.

True courage has a source in your heart, not in others’ approval.


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