As a Coach + Hypnotherapist, what issues do I help people with?

Recently I decided to stop, look back, and really see “who” do I work with? What problems do people come to me with, and what do we create together? Sometimes we work for few months, sometimes it’s a several sessions, and I have seen huge breakthroughs happen in ONE session.

If I could put it all in one sentence that would be: those people who so far sought my assistance knew they are meant for more, better body, more fulfillment, feel better about themselves. They knew they can have a better, fuller life.  They knew they have the power to make the changes, they needed someones assistance for just a moment, or months. They had faith in themselves and they were willing to do the work. 

So I went through the files, made a list, and here it is:

What problems people resolve in coaching and hypnotherapy?

    1. WEIGHT LOSS / Creating a BETTER BODY – It’s either the main topic of our work, or it comes up, while we work on something else. The results vary depending on a person. 25 pounds loss in not uncommon, the results vary as some are more or less willing to make healthy choices. But weight loss is not the goal in itself: because during this work, it happens over and over: we work on better relationships: with yourself, with others. we work on fulfillment, creativity, and self appreciation. Since I have over 20 weight loss related topics – it makes a very interesting work. I enjoy every little breakthrough and success with my clients, even ahead of time because I have a complete faith in them. (nevertheless, there are people who make weight loss hard for themselves…)
    2. BETTER RELATIONSHIPS A woman comes to me to work on weight loss. After few sessions she notices: “my relationship with my husband improved” “I’m not so reactive any more. It took him by surprise”  “I took responsibility to be more close to him.”  This happens because in hypnosis we are becoming more mindful. Just like we become mindful through meditation.
    3. BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF.  What can I say? weight loss is such an emotional ride. We can be pretty rough with ourselves, in how we eat, speak to ourselves and what we put our bodies through. I don’t believe in deprivation, and hating yourself to a body you are proud of.  Making sure we take care of your emotional state, you can make it a great experience and weight loss can be a starting point to care for and love yourself as you are.
    4. HEALING AN EMOTIONAL PAIN – whether it was a heartbreak, or a big disappointment – the relief was found in accessing the subconscious, higher self, or,  and through energy healing.
    5. Better relationship with yourself – not related to the body – we are talking confidence, self worth,  inner power. Better self-care, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, self-love, self-respect, kindness for oneself – are often the “side effects”
    6. POSITIVE HABITS. When we finally wake up from years of engaging in negative habits and don’ know where to start… we head to a coach. Our lives a year from now or 20 years from now, will be the direct result of what we do or don’t do. (+ the unforeseen events )
    7. Overcoming LIMITING BELIEFS / Expanding possibilities. In almost every session we touch on believing in MORE than you think is possible now. We throw obstacles under our own feet, creating stories and negative thoughts. It can be easily detected in the language. And through the language and imagination we change limiting beliefs to empowering ones.  That includes getting over self-doubt – making self-doubt irrelevant. Act in spite of the doubts.
    8. Overcome ANGER, manage anger, understand anger – access the peaceful state you have within. To act from that state. Since I wrote the book from anger to peace (I’ll have a new version this year)  I had some clients who were tired of feeling angry. Anger makes us unpredictable. Transforming it to something positive is necessary if you want to live with harmony and have trust in a relationship. There is some spiritual work involved here, rewriting the past, forgiving yourself – all depends where you are now.

SPIRITUAL TOPICS I covered with my Clients in coaching, hypnosis, and energy healing

  1. With some of you, we have healed the past. We Minimized the past’s negative grip on your current sense of self worth and sense of self.
  2. We some of you, we have searched for life’s purpose, stepping up to a bigger role in life.
  3. You have reclaimed your power. Or found pieces of your power.
  4. We have accessed your inner truth, through Akashic records, past lives, or other ways.
  5. You received validation of your pain, of your feelings, of your needs and dreams. We have sat witnessing your pain until there was light.
  6. You could relax into the awareness you are not judged, so you could explore possibilities. As I promised – coaching is a laboratory.
  7. You have restored your Hope.
  8.  You have seen you have more resources than you thought.
  9. You became more positive.
  10.  You gained Freedom from subconscious fears
  11.  Freedom from self imposed limitations
  12. You defined and redefined who you are
  13. You started doing uncomfortable things that brought you the results.
  14. we Navigated the process of personal development
  15. You started believing more in yourself
  16. You transformed your negativity
  17. Managed your creativity
  18. You realized and resolved your inner conflicts.
  19. You developed self compassion.
  20. Stopped bad habits, started good habits
  21. You created better boundaries
  22. You healed your past
  23. Created a strategy
  24. You understood yourself and your values better
  25. You have released the guilt.
  26. You have started setting an example of what is possible.


It’s interesting to me to look at this list. I see only two main challenges: the spiritual and the practical.  In a way they intertwine with each other. I’m honored to do this work and I see each person as a Soul on a journey to fulfillment.  Even though it all looks serious, it’s good to remember we often have a good laugh.