As a Coach + Hypnotherapist, what issues do I help people with?

Recently I decided to stop, look back, and really see “who” do I work with? What problems do people come to me with, and what do we create together? Sometimes we work for few months, sometimes it’s a several sessions, and I have seen some huge breakthroughs.

If I could put it all in one sentence that would be: those people who so far sought my assistance knew they are meant for more, to feel better, to have better relationships with themselves and others.  They knew they can have a better, fuller life.  They knew they have the power to make the changes, they needed someones assistance for just a moment, or few months. They had faith in themselves and they were willing to do the work, through this their confidence grew. 

What problems people resolve in coaching and hypnotherapy?

These are the challenges I helped my Clients with (there are more that I don’t focus on) 

  1. Healing of the past. Transforming personal story. Creating empowering mindset
  2. Healing or transforming of your emotional pain.
  3. Search for life’s purpose, step up to a bigger role in life.
  4. Reclaimed your power in a specific situation.
  5. Access to your inner truth through Akashic records, past lives, or other ways.
  6. Restore hope
  7. Self-worth work.
  8. Anger release and transformation
  9. Create resourcefulness
  10. Breakthroughs!
  11. WEIGHT LOSS / letting go of the motional, mental, physical reasons for weight.
  12. Miracles (defined as change in perspective)
  13. Grief process (going from debilitating grief to healthier grief)
  14. Build more positive mindset
  15. Freedom from subconscious fears
  16. Freedom from self imposed limitations (beliefs)
  17. Needed change in identity.
  18. Expanding comfort zone
  19. Navigate thru personal development in a specific area.
  20. Greater belief in yourself.
  21. Better relationship with yourself through better self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect
  22. Better relationships with other people (often achieved when we work on another area of life)
  23. Expanded creativity. Strategies to improve creativity
  24. Resolution of your inner conflicts.
  25. Greater self compassion leading to better results.
  26. Stopped bad habits, started good habits
  27. Better boundaries
  28. Better understanding and acting on your values
  29. Release of guild
  30. Being an example of what is possible.
  31. Spiritual path
  32. Figure out what you want to do.
  33. Remove  weight loss confusion

(list up until 2019)

I’m honored to do this work and I see each person as a Soul on a journey to fulfillment.  Even though it all looks serious, it’s good to remember we often have a good laugh.