Boost Your Happiness

happiness project

Last week I mentioned that we always have something of value, even if we don’t have what we wanted in the first place ( the idea only sounds rebellious, if we don’t try it ).

Today I want to share two projects that will help you to get creative with the idea of gratitude:

With the first one… you effortlessly create a memoir of 1825 meaningful, happy moments. “The Happiness Project  – One Sentence Journal” by Gretchen Rubin is a lovely, little book where you can write down one grateful sentence a day. For 5 years. Memory cannot be relied upon… this book will collect the best of your life for you.

The second one is an idea of photo memoir:  when you notice something beautiful – take a photograph.  is full of inspiring stories how lives can change because of changed perspective.

Research shows: Gratitude = Happiness

Do you have other creative ways to remember things you are grateful for?  If so – please share!

UPDATE: Three years later I realized, I don’t get from gratitude as much as I’m getting from this… (click here) 


Joanna Zajusz

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