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Making difficult decisions. More struggle is coming from thinking.

How many decisions we made in life that felt bad in the moment, because there was a big price to pay in terms of emotions, stress, money etc, but in retrospect we are glad we made them?

Could it be that this is better than NEVER making ANY decision, never taking a risk? Always staying in the same place wondering “what if”? I’d say it is.

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[Podcast 8] The purpose of negative emotions

Part 2 The purpose of negative emotions. (Feeling better is not always the goal.) The goal is to be fully human. being always happy may not be. Just because we have power to change our feelings by changing our thoughts doesn’t mean that the purpose is to go from one extreme to another. It doesn’t mean you should aim for happiness all the time. Sometimes the painful Feeling is the healthiest response of a healthy functioning human. If someone you care about gets sick – you want to feel concerned or determined to find a solution. When someone you love dies, you want to feel sad; you want to feel grief. Anything other than this would be unnatural. Negative makes positive possible. You know the difference, you know the contrast . An authentic human life consists of positive and negative; some say it’s 50/50. We want to rebel against it. We always want to feel good. And that backfires. I also rebel against it, and when I do, I extend my own pain.

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