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Let me tell you the truth about you

Have you ever been told something about you, that felt like a punch in the gut? Well, let me tell you: that was not the truth. That was likely just someone’s opinion. Or maybe it was not the whole truth. After all, who knows you better than you know yourself?   Why it hurts to […]

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Few Lessons In Forgiveness. [Grace, justice, the risks of spiritual surrender]

Grace is the only force in the universe powerful enough to break the chains that enslave generations. Grace alone melts ungrace. Forgiveness vs justice What I have learned about forgiveness doesn’t come from my own experiences but from observing others. I value those lessons because like many people I had a problem to understand it […]

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Your Greatest Resource. Available 24/7.

Next time when you feel frustrated, stressed, confused, or feel any draining emotion, AND you want to feel better, in seconds, do this: Take a deep breath. Think what is the opposite of what you feel now. How do you want to feel?  If you feel down, you may think of lightness. If you feel stressed […]

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