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Alternative Thinking. The Mental Habit that limits your options.

We fall into this trap while considering our options.  Dr. Robert Anthony calls it “alternative thinking.” It’s a situation where we see only two choices… Likely learned in childhood: “if you don’t eat the dinner, you will not get the dessert.”  I’ll illustrate it on an example of Kathleen… Kathleen has been in a marriage for the past […]

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Non-Judgement, Oneness, and Big, Open Spaces.

My friend, Joybroker, just wrote something insightful, and poetic about non-judgement. I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt uncomfortably inspired. When I think of “judgement”, I right away think of self judgement: a habit of comparing ourselves to others. Because to compare yourself, you need to judge first. Judge yourself. Judge the other person. Compare. Neither […]

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Our Inner Dialogue can be our Source of Confidence

“There is no value judgement more important to man than the estimate he passes on himself. The more you like  yourself the higher your self esteem will be.” – Nathaniel Branden Pema Chodron writes that gentleness with oneself is a root of confidence.  She calls it an “unconditional friendliness with yourself”. It’s not difficult to practice it, if […]

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