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What's often missing from our lives, is a conversation, in which we can explore our minds, hearts and the depth of who we are. Not only to find peace, but also to take aligned, purposeful actions, and live up to our potential. Coaching is what creates this sacred space.

I believe that...

  • We call it "coaching," but in my experience, it's a process of empowerment [not: delegating power] 
  • It's a process of getting MORE from life, by asking MORE of ourselves.  [even if it's about more self-care]
  • It's discovering and unfolding of our vision and faith in what's possible. 
  • It's seeing ourselves and the world with new eyes and act in alignment to that vision.

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How does it work? There is no need to fit into any "plan."  The commitment you are making is to yourself. Some people need weekly sessions. Others don't. Some people process things fast. Others don't. One is not better than the other...  I recommend 3+ months to truly see changes in your mindset and in the manifested results. The longer your commitment the more amazed you will be with yourself. 

Nonetheless, below you will find some ideas. Which one excites you?

EXPLORATION: you are just trying this. You have one small issue to resolve. 1-4 sessions may just be what you need. 

IMMERSION: getting serious about permanent change,  you are showing up for yourself. If you are ready for the Work, you are in for a surprise: of impressing yourself.  All things worthwhile require effort. When you are choosing a 4 month commitment to our work, you also have the freedom to make it more or less intense. 

CREATION:  7 months of inner work, strategy and action. What has been waiting for you, for years, to bring to life? And how do you want to feel about it a year from now? We get creative about how we work. You can combine the sessions into One day intensives, and vision quests... 

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