Life Coaching

with a holistic, transformative, dynamic approach




Life coaching is about managing your mind. 

It's a process of creating Awareness. A process of deliberate creation.

What's often missing from our lives, is a conversation [All about you. With no judgement, no agenda], in which we can explore and understand our minds and hearts, to take from that place aligned and purposeful Actions, to create the Results we want. Coaching is what creates this space. 

I believe that...

  • It's a process of empowerment [not: delegating power] 
  • It's a process of getting MORE from life, by asking MORE of ourselves.  [even if it's about more self-care]
  • It's discovering and unfolding of our vision and faith in what's possible. 
  • It's seeing ourselves and the world with new eyes and act in alignment to that vision.

How does it work? There is no need to fit into any "plan."  The commitment you are making is to yourself.  I recommend 3+ months to truly see changes in your mindset and in the manifested results. Below you will find some ideas.


  • You are just trying this. 
  • You have one small issue to resolve. 
  • 2-4 sessions may just be what you need. 
  • usually chosen for hypnotherapy service  (which includes some coaching) 


  • fear of flying, speaking,etc
  • self-confidence, self-knowledge
  • mild anxiety
  • finding clarity, direction, values,
  • change negative habits
  • past life regression


  • 6 month commitment to yourself. Intense focus on yourself and your plans.
  • Customize. Get all I got: may include half day intensives, best coaching strategies to achieve your desired results. If you are into it: energy healing, hypnotherapy, past life regressions, vision quests.
  • 4 expanded monthly sessions. Exploration, strategy. Or, when needed, inner healing...
  • I can travel to your place - (conditions apply) 
  • (example :weight loss, inner healing, spiritual transformation, creativity)

Schedule the first or the subsequent sessions

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