Life Coaching

holistic, transformative, dynamic 

Life coaching is about expanding awareness and managing our mind. Thoughts, and particularly subconscious beliefs, create our reality and if you don't like certain part of your life, coaching is where we change that reality. It's a process of deliberate creation.

What's often missing from our lives, is a conversation [All about you. With no judgement, no agenda], in which we can explore and understand our minds and hearts, to take from that place aligned and purposeful Actions, to create the Results we want.

Coaching is what creates this space. 

While I coached hundreds of people on nearly every subject, currently my main focus are Clients who need help with: purpose, spiritual growth, creative process, procrastination, focus, self-care, confidence, self-acceptance. 

I believe that...

  • Coaching is a process of empowerment [not: delegating power] 
  • It's a process of getting MORE from life, by asking MORE of ourselves.  [even if it's about more self-care]
  • It's an unfolding of our vision and faith in what's possible. 
  • It's about creating new perspectives 
  • It's about clear strategies, aligned with our values, strategies that inspire us to act

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