Work With Joanna

Phoenix, Arizona  or  via         Questions? Direct line: 480.331.8004

Are you done waiting?
Are you ready to commit to yourself, to your goals, to your path... ?

To more fulfilling way of life and work?
If you are ready to do the work, and ask more of yourself,  please call me.  

I work with amazing people (they often don't realize they are amazing) who tried on their own, but they see they need the additional support and guidance to create transformations,  act on their dreams, or simply to feel it's ok to take care of themselves.  


Even though many of people I worked with, had unbelievable results after one session, it's understandable that for permanent changes to happen, we need to commit.

I offer much flexibility - you may even propose to me your own plan, that will work for you. 
Coaching and hypnosis may help you with some things in 2-4 sessions. 
But certain life's  projects  may require 4-6 months commitment to yourself and the process.

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