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Inner Mastermind

Inspired by Napoleon Hills’ personal practice, this guided meditation creates a structure to meet in your imagination the people you admire, contemporary and those who passed on, spirit guides, etc, your imagination is the limit. You will get to ask them 3 question allowing for your subconscious mind to facilitate this experience and receive answers. You […]

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Mental Chatter Clearing

[9 minutes]  Our minds can be filled with overthinking, thoughts and problems that are not really ours to solve. And with beliefs and self judgements that disempower us. Create an inner radar, a tool of inner wisdom, that picks up and clears up everything that overwhelms your mental space. Feel peaceful, grounded, restored.   Recorded in […]

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Dispenza Week 2

Free, not for sale, and the script is from Joe Dispenza Check your email for “purchase receipt” – no card required. This is how you will get the link to download the recording.

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Dynamic Grounding and Divine Alignment

This 19 minute  meditation will take you on a dynamic and uplifting journey thru your chakras.  Focusing on the 1st chakra – to ground you,  and the 7th chakra – to expand your awareness, opening you up to the divine. The music changes as you travel thru the inner channels unblocking the energy centers on […]

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Deep Sleep

  After the purchase, please check your email for  your purchase receipt,  it will have a link to download the visualization. If you have any issues please email me at

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