How To Elevate Your Spirit When You’re Down

elevate your spirit elevate your spirit

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It may look like this: You have an overwhelming sense of sadness,  for no reason at all, or you feel awful… just. awful. You have fallen into a dark hole and you decided it’s comfy; you want to stay here. You often keep digging the hole, wallowing in self- doubt, reminding yourself what a failure you are.  Or you sit there with resignation, not even realizing you can look up and see the sky, forgetting you can alter the language  in your head, to more hopeful and positive. Language that is not unrealistic.  But simply: more positive.

There me be a moment, in this funk, when you feel a bit lighter; grasp this moment and start climbing up towards the light. This is a post about being willing to feel better and taking action towards it.

There is no use in feeling down, unless it’s truly a part of a dark night of the soul, when you are making discoveries, and connecting with your Soul and the Divine. If so, go thru it with guidance.

You have the power to uplift your spirit, feel better, while remaining true to yourself.

Below are few ways of elevating your mood, pick one and do it NOW.

1. How do You want to feel?

Stop oscillating in the area of moderation. Aim high: what the best mood I can possibly be in? To what heights I could elevate my spirit now, and still feel authentic?

Set the intention. Decide on your spirit’s destination.

Notice, wherever you go to meetings, or on a date, when you have negative expectations – they usually don’t go well. But if you are excited – without an attachment to the outcome – they are usually exciting.  Set an intention for your next workday, phone call or meeting, and see how that affects your experience, your perception.  There is a creative power in setting this intention. Maybe bringing the right energy to the room makes all the difference. 

2. Stop falling deeper and deeper

The darkest corners of our souls are especially tempting in moments like this. If you don’t make an effort to swim up to the surface, they can easily pull you down. Decide NOT go below certain low vibes.

Since like attracts like, when you feel down, do not dwell on it, don’t build it, don’t spread it. This energy will attract something you don’t want, so… elevate elevate elevate. (a grieving process may be a different story, grief needs to be completed.  Personally, I don’t see it as a depression)

3. Compassion for all, that includes you. 

Whatever is your pain, thousands of others feel the same pain at this moment. When you inhale: feel their pain. When you exhale: send healing, peace, relief to all those people. (it is called “tonglen” practice in Buddhism). Paradoxically, thinking of more pain, doesn’t increase ours, but helps to release it.

4. Move your body, change your posture. Rise up. Straighten your back. Lift your head. As if in “I’ve got this. And I’m not alone.”  Your mind and heart will follow.  This is only a reminder, because you know this.

5. From feelings to logic.

  • Ok, this feels bad…What’s the plan of getting out of here?

“Only what you are not offering, can lack in any situation” A Course in Miracles

#ACIM What can you and should you bring to this situation?

  • What do you need to learn now? Rumor has it, that bad situations will repeat until we learn from them.
  • What is the most mature / loving / compassionate/ courageous / peaceful  way of handling this?
  • What is my responsibility? (taking responsibility you can handle, increases a sense of personal power)

Staying in the funk isn’t easy, but moment after moment we have an opportunity to see things differently. We only need to be willing– not too much – only a little – to feel better.