From over-hungry to over-weight. Hunger, hormones, and fat loss.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a medical advice.  Intermittent fasting is not for all people. Dietary changes that are implemented too fast can cause skin, digestive and other issues. 

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Hunger is a signal from body and mind. Are you reading it correctly? Are you afraid of it?

When was the last time you were hungry? We can use it as a tool for weight loss, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Types of Hunger

  • Emotional hunger
  • Overhunger
  • Natural hunger.

The goal is to get to natural hunger by eating in a natural way.  This will help us to get to natural weight.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone and when it is high we store fat. When it is low we bun fat (I’m oversimplifying but that is generally the rule) When we eat all the time we keep insulin high.

When we allow for hunger – we let the insulin drop. The body can access fat.

If our diet is full of simple carbs and unhealthy fats the insulin is high and the body gets little nutrients. Not good place to go hungry.  It’s too painful. The goal is to eat nutrient dense diet, balance hormones and experience natural hunger. Hunger that doesn’t feel painful and comes in waves.  Hunger that doesn’t feel like an emergency.

I help people to end over-hunger, emotional eating and return to natural natural weight.

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