Healing & Transformation

Your private 1:1 Spiritual Program with practical results, that combines 

Coaching | Hypnosis | Energy | Regression | Human Design

tailored to your UNIQUE needs.

Sometimes you know and sense: it's time to reimagine and reinvent yourself. 

Usually, it's easier said than done. 

We have the best intentions but we soon fall back into the old mental and physical habits. 

It's because we want to create the changes on the surface, too fast, without practice. 

In this program we take the time and we go deep. 

You heal, address the limiting beliefs, rewrite your past so it can serve your future.

You have the space dedicated just to you, with no agenda other than your healing and your dream.

This is for you if you want to:

  • reconnect with your life's purpose
  • reconnect and realign with your Soul
  • reinvent yourself on some level
  • improve a skill that helps you in your work
  • find yourself and be true to yourself as you go through significant changes in life 
  • get guided through the inner work to self-acceptance
  • get better in your creative work
  • overcome procrastination, learn focus
  • discover and overcome your limiting beliefs
  • expand your vision of life 
  • create healthy habits
  • and many other unique possibilities

Let go of everything that keeps you stuck in life that's too small for you. 

Schedule a 30 min call with me, to see if this program is right for you


This is my superpower:

I hear your limiting beliefs and I see your greater potential - before you do.

Joanna Zajusz  | M.F.A. CCHt, Cert. Life Coach

Your beliefs matter: they form your  identity and determine what you create. This is true in personal life, in relationships, finances, work, art... Are your beliefs aligned with your goals? And is your mind aligned with your heart?

What's included in the program

Every week: 90min Coaching Session or 2 x 45min 

There needs to be precision in how we transform the mind. This coaching goes deep. It's not only about changing behavior. We are allowing the time for transformation and space for the mindset and emotions. You will also learn how to make coaching more effective. The 90 min sessions most often include hypnotherapy. [on zoom on in person]

Hypnotherapy & Quantum Field exploring

While coaching takes care of the conscious mind, hypnotherapy reveals the subconscious programing. Deliberate changes that you the author of - are applied effectively in alpha brain frequency (pleasant relaxation).  We do the de-conditioning, new habit creation, inner conflict resolution, inner child, limiting beliefs, or healing the past in this alpha state. No worries - you are always in control in hypnosis! All my clients love it. 

Past Life Regressions

Big session on its own. I decided to include it in this program and it will be done at the right time in the process if it aligns with your beliefs. 

Energy work / Balancing and Field clearing

(Reiki) In person or remote energy clearing, balancing, sound healing,  Hara line repair. 

Your Human Design 

Human Design brings a new dimension to the inner work. We no longer look at others trying to fit into a certain mold. With the knowledge of your human design you will have better self-acceptance, connection to your life's purpose, and appreciation for who you are. It provides a path out of your shadows into your gifts. A path of personal evolution.  

I am looking forward to creating this transformation with you!

How long and how much?

The length varies and is adjusted to your specific goal. We will decide on the first call what is right for you.

We always grow and evolve.

  • Some of us like to do the inner work in tiers: 6 to 12 weeks, and then extend, or take a break. 
  • Some people like to have a coach all the time. I have a few spots for a 10 month commitment. 

 My goal is to teach you skills you can then use on your own.

Questions? jo @ positivelyrebellious.com

The sessions are in Phoenix, AZ  or online on Zoom.us 

Hypnotherapy is NOT for: Persons with a mental illness and very young children. The hypnotherapist is not a medical practitioner nor a therapist. If the sessions include medical hypnosis the client should not alter medications without talking to his/her medical doctor. If seeking hypnosis for medical issues, depression or anxiety, doctor's written approval may be required.  Certain sessions may create "false memories". 

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