Life Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy with Joanna Zajusz

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative subconscious programming.


Hello, I'm Joanna Zajusz, Certified Life Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I'm here to help you let go of any unnecessary pain and create a better mindset and life, so it will feel good to be YOU. 

What do you seek at this point in life?
These days people feel they are made for more.  They explore their potential and purposeIs this you? Do you notice a mismatch between your dreams and your life?  
Do you remember what it means to feel ALIVE?  

Why do I focus on helping you with limiting beliefs (and the whole mindset)
Beliefs form your identity and determine what you express in the world every day.  
What you create depends on what you believe (consciously or subconsciously) about yourself. Are your beliefs aligned with your goals? And is your mind aligned with your heart?   What are you ready to change in the year to come?

The most natural expression of your Spirit and your Human mind is the desire to evolve...

... the desire to reach MORE of your potential. Sometimes you simply want more inner peace, or to live TRUE to yourself. Every goal (whether in weight, creativity, spirituality, or relationships) requires of you to transform your mind. Coaching and Hypnotherapy let you create the positive changes faster, with more clarity. 

Helping Clients since 2013 reach their goals in Life, Weight loss, Spirituality, and Creativity. 

Joanna's direct 480.331.8004 


Phoenix, Arizona

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