How to have more self-discipline while working from home.

Do you struggle with  self- discipline, creativity, and productivity when working from home?

There is one habit that helps. I’m sure you know it, you heard about it. I’m sure you practiced it before. But we – naturally – like to forget.

This is the Morning Ritual… morning routine…  The Miracle Morning

After 18 years of working from home (12 of which at home and car, in sales) I noticed a pattern: when I start the day this way – my day is more purposeful and productive.  When I forget and stay in bed longer – no way I’m going to have a great day. 

What happens in the morning ritual?

The classic ingredients are: meditation, exercise, journaling, reading, visualization, affirmation. 

But you can create your own set (I like watching the garden and birds taking a bath in my fountain)

This is a lot to do – you may say – how much time do I need for all of this!??

Well, Do you have 10 minutes or one hour?

If I was just starting, and had limited time and limited focus, I’d make it very simple:

  • I’d pick just two elements: meditation and exercise
  • I’d set a timer for 5 minutes for each activity, as a minimum baseline.
  • I’d stick to it for a few weeks to see what happens.

Why do something that is not related to your work?

  1. The morning rituals help to have better focus: by doing something on purpose first thing in the morning.
  2. Meditation and exercise increase  neurotransmitters that have positive impact on both, the body and mind. 
  3. Creating this easy habit,  helps us to create other positive habits that were previously more difficult to create.
  4. You get something DONE first thing in the morning. This little “success” makes you note: I can get things done. One little success fuels another.

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Is focus a gift from gods or does it get better with practice? 

Personally, if I don’t pay attention I can easily lose focus and become the queen of procrastination.  I am not very well equipped for working for myself for the past 18 years. I have many interests. I tend to read 20 books at a time. But I’m much less capable of being employed and having a boss.  So I need to have the self discipline. Morning rituals make the biggest difference.

But there are other helpful things:

  • strategies to handle PROCRASTINATION.
  • Having everything scheduled IN A WAY that works. 

I notice  many people resist having a schedule, which leads to overwhelm, anxiety, forgetfulness. And an overworked brain that tries to remember everything.

I am creating  a small e-course to outsmart procrastination, so stay in touch or write to me with the specific issue you have, so I know I have everything addressed. And if you need help NOW, please schedule your 30 min consultation here