The Insanity Nobody Escapes: focusing on the wrong thing


What do I call insane? What seems so crazy?

Repeating over and over… and over: what we DON’T want.

  • Adding more layers and details of how bad it was, and how bad it’s going to be.
  • Ruminating over the current state of affairs in our lives, with an emphasis on the negative.
  • And if we come to a stop where there is space to create a new thought… ignoring the space and going back to the old, as if we couldn’t live without the pain.

Total insanity? People complaining for years about the same, old, damn thing, not changing even an order of words. So I think it happens to all of us at some point, except those who trained themselves to always look for solution, who have the growth mindset not fixed mindset.


Be willing, only a little, to see things differently.

Focus on what you want – so that grows.

Be willing to choose one better feeling thought above the other, negative. 

Be open to insights and possibilities.

Challenge your limiting beliefs.

Ask yourself frequently: is this true?

I heard from Jerry Hicks: when someone suffers you think you need to suffer too because you are in similar circumstances so you start bringing this misfortune to your life. No, no! Co-creating your life allows you to live outside of this craziness. You don’t need to go the way they went. 

There are many little miracles we are capable of creating daily. Being mindful of the inner talk, being willing to question the draining words, asking yourself a better question,  this alone may create miracles.

Yesterday I experienced one of those miracles by myself.

  1. I worried and stressed in the morning. I knew that if I go that path, that downward spiral, I will FEEL worse, I will be out of ALIGNMENT with what I want. I’d attract more negativity.
  2. Because I have no time to lose or waste: I FOCUSED on what I want. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT. NOT ON WHAT YOU DON’T.
  3. and I reDIRECTED my thoughts that way.

I felt the change in my energy, my mindset, and my feeling. The whole process took a moment. But a 20 min meditation helped. I’m sure I’m doing this process several times a day.

Very often we keep repeating the negative limiting beliefs because we don’t SEE a different possibility. If you are tired of this, and want to explore and change your limiting beliefs – please write to me. I offer short or 3+ hours transformation sessions.


Joanna Zajusz

My goal is to serve clients GENEROUSLY; to create a transformative, ILLUMINATING coaching journey, for women and men ready to reclaim their POWER and the POSSIBILITIES ahead. Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Life coach with a no-nonsense approach to energy healing and deep inner work. My work is inspired by Brooke Castillo, Tony Robbins / Cloe Madanes, Caroline Myss,PhD, Margaret Moore (Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard), A Course in Miracles, Hermeticism, and Yoga. Certified Mind Body Wellness Coach, Master of Art and Education from the University of Silesia, in Poland.