Do you want to be more grounded?

Do you have a million ideas and you don't know which one to choose? 

Are you often scattered, rushing, hitting yourself by accident, forgetting things? Are you - as we call it - detached from your body?

I want to invite you to my

Grounding Practices

with Joanna  from

Coaching | Hypnosis | Energy Work 

You will get

  • Intro practice:  QiGong Breath 
  • Practice 1.  Use your body. Grounding Movement. 
  • Practice 2.  Senses + Sound + Mantra 
  • Practice 3. "Clearing Mental Chatter" Visualization
  • Practice 4. "Dynamic Grounding & Divine Aligning" Guided Meditation 
  • Practice 5.  Journaling your way to Center 

Qi Gong Breathing

Grounding Movement

Sound Senses Mantra

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation