Limiting Beliefs Transformation

Free yourself from subconscious programming

that keeps you stuck in a life too small for you

This is a 12 week /or 24 week/ private program

Beliefs matter, because they form your identity

and determine what you express in the world every day.

What you create (in personal life, in relationships, finances, work, art) depends on

what you believe (consciously or subconsciously) about yourself.

Are your beliefs aligned with your goals? And is your mind aligned with your heart?  

You bring your unique goal to this work.

Below are general ideas.

  • create better relationships, including the one with yourself (or the Divine!)
  • improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • make more art, tap into your potential
  • address emotional and spiritual challenges
  • solve inner conflicts, ease decision making
  • change the negative habits
  • create a better future
  • end overeating, lose weight  Click here to check out the 6month weight loss wellness program.

Change what's limiting to: freeing, expanding, empowering... 

This is my superpower:

I hear your limiting beliefs and I see your higher potential - before you do.

Joanna Zajusz  | M.F.A. CCHt, Cert. Life Coach

What's included in the 12 week program

Twelve private sessions that include any of the following: 

90min Causal Coaching  Sessions

There needs to be precision in how we witness, rediscover, and transform the mind. Causal coaching goes deep. We are allowing the time for transformation and space for all the feelings. You will also learn how to make coaching more effective. 

Hypnotherapy & Quantum Field exploring

While coaching takes care of the conscious mind, hypnotherapy reveals the subconscious programing. Deliberate changes that you the author of - are applied effectively in alpha brain frequency (pleasant relaxation).  No worries - you are always in control in hypnosis! All my clients love it. 

Past Life Regressions

Big session on its own. I decided to include it in the limiting Beliefs program and it will be done at the right time in the process. 

Energy work / Balancing and Field clearing

(Reiki) In person or remote energy clearing, balancing, sound healing,  Hara line repair. 

We will likely use a number of other healing modalities - for the mind, body, and spirit - as we need them.

I am looking forward to creating this transformation with you!

The sessions are in Phoenix, AZ  or online on 

Hypnotherapy is NOT for: Persons with a mental illness and very young children. The hypnotherapist is not a medical practitioner nor a therapist. If the sessions include medical hypnosis the client should not alter medications without talking to his/her medical doctor. If seeking hypnosis for medical issues, depression or anxiety, doctor's written approval may be required.  Certain sessions may create "false memories". 

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