Moving beyond fear in the times of corona [video]


It’s March 20th, 2020

Yesterday I had a moment when I thought: it was just a bad dream. But the truth is: the shit seriously hit the fan.  So, since we will be talking about what’s happening in the world, for some time, I want to start from the basic emotions. Fear, fear of fear, fear of being stuck in fear, and moving thru it. 

You have probably felt all possible emotions in the past few weeks. I started observing the statistics of the pandemic from the beginning of March, and went thru disbelief, grief, madness, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and in between: I felt hope, determination, relief, calm, trust and peace.  At one point I felt numb too, simply being tired of such intensity.

I don’t think is helpful to say “stop the panic” to people who are really worried, who had enough imagination,  enough facts to take the situation seriously.  Survival is the strongest force in any living being.  Fear is a response to a life threatening situation. Telling others to stop – only denies this natural reaction.

So what to do instead? Since living in prolonged fear is paralyzing and not helping anything, numbing emotions leads to other issues, we need to transform it. Basically the goal is to spend the least time in a fight flight freeze response, and more time in rest and digest.

Situations like this help us evolve.

I don’t mean it in pseudo spiritual way. If medicine, science, protocols can evolve thru this, so can we – individually. How? Engaging our conscious mind. By the way, just because you let go of fear, doesn’t mean you stop being responsible. You still prepare and practice safety but from a place of calm, not fear.

By the way, coaches are here to help. I encourage you to use my and other’s free coaching sessions to get some tools and find relief.  30 min session can make a difference! To be clear, I’m not selling on the free session; I’m listening and coaching you.

What can you DO with fear, grief, anxiety, and everything else.

Feel it. Allow it. Move thru and beyond it. 

Instead of numbing or suppressing it – feel it. What I learned about emotions in this past year was helpful:

I knew the feelings cannot kill me (so why numb them?) and I knew they come in waves. I cannot get stuck in them.

FEELING GRIEF. After a week of having a heavy sensation in my chest, and weird pain in my upper back, I finally asked myself what is it? Since I also was waking up at 3-4 am , I connected it to Lungs (TCM- 3-5 am is Lungs time, and emotions governing lungs are grief sadness ) I knew I have to let it go. And when the breaking point showed up I let that go…

It was a mess, but the pain was gone the next day.  And I felt lighter.

Even thought I felt so much for the people in the middle of it, going thru unimaginable, I had to let go of my heaviness. For now.

FEELING FEAR. When the fear travels from the head to the body, you know it’s a result of thinking scary thoughts. But when it shows up in the body with sharp pain in chest, your breath stops, when it wakes you up – it seems even more real. In those moments, i remembered – this emotion cannot kill me.  Fear also comes and goes in waves. So: No numbing. Let the body go thru this.

Even if it feels like a little death in itself – it’s only a moment and on the other side things are lighter and clear.

When we are  afraid of feeling fear, we are tiptoeing along the edge of a cliff, sensing the depth but never looking down. This may be more paralyzing that actually looking into it. This is suppressing. This is prolonging it.

Move thru the emotion 

When the fear originates in the mind, by creating worst case scenarios, and travels to the body, when you feel paralyzed by the emotion – you may get a feeling of being stuck in it.


In every emotion there is a moment of release, as if the wave of emotions was coming to the highest point, pausing, before returning to the sea. Notice the moment. It’s a point of release. A moment of choosing a different thought, different subject. Different emotion.

What do you want to feel?

What is an opposite of fear? What remedies fear?

The saying goes that Love is the opposite of fear. For me it’s been Faith.

Faith (in yourself, faith that everything will be ok)

Trust (in the process)


How will we cultivate those? By engaging our conscious mind: thinking deliberately, planning, and creating.

What else helps? Remember to be aware of your  breeeeaaaeath every day. Do yoga. Breathing exercises. They help the nervous system stay at peace.