Need To Believe In Past Lives, To Have Regression Therapy? (and what ‘A Course In Miracles’ says about reincarnation)

a course in miracles For me the concept of past lives is very exciting. I love to listen to the memories of people who vividly remember things from the distant times – as it often happens with young children. Others, find in past lives the explanation of strong attraction or conflict with someone.  I am also always surprised with the strong negative reaction of some people when I casually mention PLR.

And what does the Course of Miracles say about reincarnation itself?

  • It says that in the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible, since there is no past or future. (I know… concept hard to understand!)
  • The only question is – is it helpful? Because like any other beliefs this one also can be misused.
  • To some people the idea may be comforting – and if that’s your case – the value of it is self evident.
  • The belief or lack of your belief in it is not essential on your path of spiritual evolution. It doesn’t harm it, unless you misuse it, it doesn’t help it except perhaps helping you understand that the life and body are not the same.
  • ACIM does not take any definite stand on reincarnation.
  • All that must be recognized – is says-  is that the birth is not the beginning and the death is not the end. And to understand, that what we know, is not necessarily all there is to learn…

If we are going to work together in a regression therapy, the concept is helpful, your curiosity and openness to the possibility is helpful, but your belief in it is not required. Even better if you are able to approach it with no expectations, other than a possibility of helping you to resolve something. Email me if you want to set up a session. 

 If you have changed your beliefs from nay to yay tell us how it happened.

What is A Course in Miracles?  It’s a psychological mind training to help us live more conscious lives and build inner peace. It is not a religion but a self study spiritual thought system. To find out more visit the Foundation For Inner Peace website.