Focus More/Procrastinate Less. 

Coaching on Project Creation

Do you have a creative project you have been procrastinating on forever?

Do you struggle with distractions and are unable to focus? 

You have the desire to create. You are clear that this brings you fulfillment. But as soon as you start, you hit obstacles, discover limiting beliefs, and act against your ultimate goal. Again, nothing gets done. 

As a creative (and a former procrastinator and a perfectionist), I understand both: your frustrations and the creative process. Whether you are working on a book, visual art, or a website, I can help you to get things done. 

If you never get things done, do you tell yourself it's because:

  • You are “not ready.”  
  • You doubt yourself.
  • You think you have “no time."
  • You want it to be perfect.
  • You edit yourself.
  • You get tense and anxious.
  • You procrastinate.
  • You water yourself down trying to fit in,
  • Just before you finish, you give up - multiple times.

THE SECRET IS NOT: MORE TIME, MORE PERFECTION. Let's start here.  The answer - just like the blocks- is in your mind.  When you work with a coach, you will expand your awareness, experience more freedom.  You will get your most fulfilling work - done.  In the coaching process you will overcome your inner resistance,

fears, and limiting beliefs.

AMAZING things have been accomplished! 

Before working with Joanna I was scattered, unfocused and frustrated because I wasn’t getting anything done that I said I wanted to do. [...] Because of her coaching I began and completed writing a book that was published on March 3, 2021!  An additional bonus is that I was able to create these results all while loving and accepting myself instead of beating myself up for not getting things done “fast enough." 

Theresa Anne   // Currandera 

It was the multi-faceted approach that was so helpful...

... using my emotional and mental state about my writing, my personal spiritual influences in a real practical coaching style. My self-criticism at first was high and limited me, now has faded into the background and I trust my choices. I know I am better with my focus, and creative possibilities have been open working with Joanna.


Diane  //  A lifelong artist

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