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REIKI  Energy  Healing
In Person and Long Distance

The video below answers the basic questions about Reiki.  

What is Reiki? How do the sessions look like from the client's perspective.  What do I do during the session, and what I do differently.

What you receive

  • In the session we will balance your energy centers (in sanskrit: chakras, which influence our physical organs and encompass every area of our life) 
  • Repair Hara line 
  • Check the layers of subtle energy fields and do the appropriate work in those layers
  • Balance energy field 
  • Use a variety of Reiki techniques and symbols 
  • Remove attachments, cut cords if necessary
  • Aromatherapy is at no add. cost (essential oils affect our emotional and spiritual state) 
  • If requested sound healing with 3-9 instruments (stress and trauma affects negatively our vibrational signature. With a sound vibration we help to bring it back to balance)

Benefits of Reiki

Every person receives what she or he needs, for their highest good.  The energy healing happens on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.  It's impossible for me to tell you how exactly you will respond to Reiki.  Though I cannot guarantee the same results, my clients (both long distance and in Phoenix) experienced  healing from injuries, chronic pain, less pain, less discomfort,  feeling calmer, more grounded and peaceful, more focused, confident, stronger, having more faith, connected to their inner power.

Schedule Your Session
To schedule in person sessions in Phoenix AZ, or distant healing please use the calendar below.  $75.00  Distant sessions happen over  or at agreed time.

What you need to know:

  • Reiki works for the highest good of the receiver. 
  • Reiki is not a miracle cure. 
  • Reiki cannot harm you. 
  • Reiki goes to the places where it's needed most. 
  • People who have a lot of negativity and anger to release, may experience a temporary discomfort associated with a physical release of toxins.
  • Reiki session doesn't release a client from seeing a doctor, if the session was around physical issue. 

My healing room is located near Biltmore / AZ-51 and Bethany Home. 

Contact: 480.331.8004  jo at positivelyrebellious dot com

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