Self-doubt’s killing your confidence? No more. 3 steps to a stress-free speaking experience.

sky curvy road speed limit

confidence [noun] – faith in one’s abilities

self-doubt [noun] – lack of faith in one’s abilities


Imagine having a sports car and driving only 20mph… or worse: not knowing you have a sports car, in a hidden garage, and driving a lemon instead…


Let me tell you what happened last week; how I was able to overcome my own self-doubts, and stand in front of people with no more than 5 sec of fear of public speaking…

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Joanna Zajusz

My goal is to serve clients GENEROUSLY; to create a transformative, ILLUMINATING coaching journey, for women and men ready to reclaim their POWER and the POSSIBILITIES ahead. Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Life coach with a no-nonsense approach to energy healing and deep inner work. My work is inspired by Brooke Castillo, Tony Robbins / Cloe Madanes, Caroline Myss,PhD, Margaret Moore (Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard), A Course in Miracles, Hermeticism, and Yoga. Certified Mind Body Wellness Coach, Master of Art and Education from the University of Silesia, in Poland.