Three things that sabotage our happiness, success, and creativity.


There is no actual final destination. Deep inside, we know if we are closer to being frustrated or fulfilled.

Very often, we sabotage our happiness, success, creativity, or relationships.

There is a lot of inner work that goes into self-discovery. I doubt it’s ever done. 

But for now, let’s keep the question to these 3 simple reasons.

You may not be “there” yet because…

  1. No Clear Vision and No Sense of Direction. 

What helps to envision, what helps to choose the direction is a sense of purpose. 

What purpose do you want to serve? Keep asking, ask yourself, ask the Divine, meditate and allow for the answers to come. We need to connect with ourselves on a very deep level to have the sense of purpose and direction. It’s not given. 

What else can give us clarity? Taking action, taking small steps forward. We can dream all day long, but this will not provide us with clarity as fast as taking action. When we engage our whole body, mind, heart and spirit into a project – we get feedback from within real fast.

Don’t forget about joy. WHAT DO YOU want to CLAIM FOR YOURSELF IN THIS LIFE? What do you claim for yourself in this IN THIS particular ADVENTURE? If we don’t ask, if we don’t create it – we don’t receive it.

2. You are using an outdated description of yourself.

You have outgrown your story and you haven’t notice.

If you want to get to a new place in life – describe yourself now in new terms.

Or rather, peel the layers of what’s no longer true. 

Create your new story.

3. You are committed to things and people that sabotage Your dream.

You self-sabotage by competing commitments or excuses. 

Claim your time. Claim your schedule. Your passions. Learn to say “no” – if you don’t – you will forever be doing what others want’s you to. 

I know there are times when we truly need to help others, because that’s our PURPOSE at this stage in life. But we often stay there, when the circumstances no longer require us to sacrifice our time and energy. Remember, nobody is coming to give the time back to you, you need to claim it yourself.

Every time we choose ourselves, we move forward. 

Now, let’s do the work.

You know, you are going to get “there”.

And it is nonnegotiable.