How to think about weight loss to feel in control and, this time, actually do it. 

I'd like to invite you to take a break before your jump into your next weight loss journey. In the series of videos, I propose small shifts in thinking,  to prepare the Mind for this process which asks so much from us.

Use your most powerful resource.

Action is a necessary to get the Result. But it needs to come from the right mindset, meaning, from the Thoughts and Feelings that support your goal. This way your Mind becomes your most powerful resource. 

And this is just the beginning. As you move forward, as you reach the goal - you will realize you have changed your mind, not just a few thoughts.  

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Video 1. The best time to lose weight

In this video I'm talking about:

  • Life. It is full of opportunities to quit
  • End of the illusion that a "better time" exist
  • Where are you in control: decision
  • Going with the flow of events vs directing the flow 
  • How do you want to feel?

Video 2. Why we numb emotions with food and what to do about it.

In this video I'm talking about:

  • The one thing we all do when we deal with emotions, which creates a habit of overeating and reaching for the extra fattening and addicting foods. 
  • What is the brain's natural tendency, that in the modern world works against us
  • How to outsmart it

Video 3.  If you think "I want to eat like a normal person"...

Consider: Normal vs Natural

In this video I'm talking about:

  • Thought error: when we think about normal -what does it really mean? 
  • The alternative to "normal" as we know it, is not abnormal, but...
  • The need to shift thinking from normal that makes us fat to natural eating and natural weight
  • How our thinking makes us fat 

Video 4. Utilizing emotions in weight loss       COMING SOON

In this video I'm talking about:

  • the spectrum of emotions
  • ability to make them useful
  • recognizing what's happening in the brain 

Video 5. How to prevent falling off the wagon?     COMING SOON

In this video I'm talking about:

  • how we set ourselves up for disappointment
  • are you always going to break the promises you gave to yourself? 
  • strategies for having the cake and eating it too

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