What’s Your Essence? Here is Mine.

This is a great exercise, if you search for authenticity. If you are not sure how THE WORLD SEES YOU.

I did it two years ago, when my coach at that time, Nancy Hauschildt, suggested it.

Ask 10 people in your life:

“What shows up in the room when I do?”

What is means, is simply, what kind of energy, what qualities show up, as you walk into the room. You may already be completely aware of who you are, but it’s possible that some responses will surprise you. Especially if they repeat themselves.

This is what I bring to the room, this is my Essence:

  • intimacy, closeness, peace
  • air, movement, whirlwind of energy, laughter, lovely energy.
  • expectations (will they be hard to meet?) 
  • assessment, life, color, conversations, opinions.

We do not see ourselves as others see us.

We do not see our greatest gifts, beauty and weaknesses as clearly as they are seen from the outside.  Sometimes it is worth to be open and listen.  Not to search for approval but to expand self knowledge. And from this place, if there is something lacking in the responses…  if there is a quality you value in yourself but it doesn’t stand out – you have the ability to emphasize it and express it thru your BEING.

Or maybe some qualities don’t serve you? Since that exercise I make effort to not be so opinionated. Few people mentioned “scattered.” But fast forward to today, people more often comment on me being grounded.

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WHAT IS YOUR ESSENCE? What shows up in the room when you walk in?

I would love to hear how you liked this exercise.