Clients' Success

Do you ever talk to yourself?? My inner dialogue tends to run the gambit from “this is stupid” to “that’s a great idea go for it”. But over the course of the last year, I had been trying to basically muzzle that inner voice because I thought it wasn’t serving me. Boy was I wrong, and Joanna really helped me see that. With her help, we took me from stuck and unproductive in my business to focused and aligned. She gives you a fresh perspective to what is happening in your thoughts and how they hold you back from achieving your goals.

Caroline Bjorkquist

I had several virtual sessions with Joanna and saw immediate results after the 1st one. I couldn't believe how easy it was to motivate my brain to do workouts and help with procrastination, thanks to Joanna. Joanna truly cares about her clients and I felt that we were on the same page from the start and progressed quickly. Highly recommend her services.

Larisa M.

It was an unusually difficult situation.  Information hidden for years was coming up to the surface this past weekend!

I don't think I would be able to handle it the way I did if not for our sessions...

Hypnotherapy client

Much gratitude to a skilled professional and caring hypnotherapist.

Maria K. 

[...] My experience was very special with Joanna, from the minute we booked the appointment. Her genuine interest in my intentions and well-being. Her office space is calming and soothing to the eyes. A lush warm blanket kept me warm as my body relaxed in a luscious comfortable chair. Warm tea was waiting by my side when I came back to fully awake. I felt happy and my heart felt full of hope.
A week later I report wonderful events occurring in [...] my life. I feel happier, more connected with the people I interact and inspired every moment to do and be my best!

Joanna is gifted to go deep and unravel destructive subconscious patterns, from this life or past life.  Her thorough work and ability to guide profoundly gave me such clarity and restored a huge chunk of inner trust. Thanks, Joanna


I want to once more thank you for a most powerful day in my life you gave to me back in September. It was transformational for me in so many ways ... and opened the doors wide ... both in and out. Please know I appreciate what I received that day in a very special way.

M. K. -One Day Intensive client

I hit 150 pounds today. I have also moved down from a size 14 pair of pants to a size 12 pair of pants. I am so excited as is my husband. [...] I’m thrilled that I didn’t gain anything [back] I have you to thank for all of this. I feel like I still am in control. Thank you so much." (this client lost 25 pounds in 5 hypnosis sessions)

J. C. Weight loss

...because of her coaching I began and completed writing a book that will be published on March 3, 2021! I also got new clients! 

Theresa Anne

[Joanna has been my life coach for 7 months and since I decided to work with her AMAZING things have been accomplished! Before working with her I was scattered, unfocused and frustrated because I wasn’t getting anything done that I said I wanted to do. Joanna helped me feel safe while uncovering what I wanted most out of my life [...] An additional bonus is that I was able to create these results all while loving and accepting myself instead of beating myself up for not getting things done “fast enough.” Joanna creates a safe environment where she gives profoundly insightful, honest and direct coaching that helps me feel open to both deep self-acceptance and personal transformation. 

I had an excellent session with Joanna, She helped me a lot with my issue with procrastination around my career and food. She has amazing tools where I was able to put into action that was easy for me to follow and implements. I learned more about my emotions and how to handle them as they arise. I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much.

Mary S. 

I have found Joanna to have the highest form of integrity and honesty in her work.  My session with her was peaceful and loving. The effects of our session lasted for days. It helped me continue with personal healing from a new and refreshed perspective.

Nicole - Reiki Client

Joanne is an incredible coach and guide. She listens intently and captures the root of the issue you're facing in a matter of minutes. She crafted an experience to help me unblock my negative ego and open my creative essence. I highly recommend Joanne if you want to change your perception on something in your life. She is sweet, talented, calm and delightful. I will visit again and again.

Kat D. 

No - there's no magic pill. However I do have magic Joanna!  Can't sing her praises enough!

M.M. Weight Loss client 

I worked with Joanna for 8 sessions, mainly utilizing hypnotherapy. I noticed a change after the first session. Joanna's compassionate & first I was ridiculously hesitant to have the 'soul baring' conversation with her.  Nervous & scared of being judged. And she was fantastic! Once I started to open up, she helped me to And my weight dropping. I lost 20+ lbs and have kept that weight off for a year.

Went back to work on sleep. It is an ongoing project, but after seeing Joanna a couple of times, I am sleeping better. When I do wake up at night now I am not totally awake, but stay in a deeper state, which makes it easier to go back to sleep. After the first session working on my thumbs, they are much, much better now. Not the nagging almost always pain as before.She is great.

Ken - Reiki Client

The reiki session was one of the best, gentle and at the same time powerful, beneficial, and clearing. I felt like I could fly, I felt lighter and at the same time connected to universe again.

Theresa - Reiki client

Within a month of that one long sessions I started changing my life. The grief was not so heavy any more. I filed for divorce. I moved. 

It was really powerful.

Reiki & hypnosis client

I had several remote coaching sessions for creative writing and it really helped understand what areas to work on to reach my goals. She was caring, listened very well and used my own patterns and thoughts to solve my challenge around scheduling my self. I also believe she has my best interest in mind and never made me feel she had her own goals. It was the multi-faceted approach that was so helpful, using my emotional and mental state about my writing, my personal spiritual influences in a real practical coaching style. It felt like I was heard and was using my own ideas that she just guided me to see. 

My self-criticism at first was high and limited me, now has faded into the background and I trust my choices. I know I am better with my focus, and creative possibilities have been open working with Joanna.

Diane . Creativity / project creation client 

One of the most powerful Reiki Sessions I ever had.


“I wanted to let you know just how brilliant you are at what you do. Thank you for all your support. It is rare today to work with someone who is so gifted, talented and committed. 

The hypnotherapy session was exhilarating.  I'd recommend that every person who is searching for growth try it.  I feel wonderful; I am more positive and enjoy all aspects of my life. 

Anna - Hypnotherapy 

I was surprised by the depth of the emotions I found in myself during the session. So much negativity released... I will definitely come back.


"I really enjoyed it.  Although I am always exhausted these days, I felt quite energized after the session.  I thought your space was cozy and comfortable.  Your voice and your demeanor is very soothing.  I felt safe expressing myself.  I also really appreciated the email correspondence before we met because I felt you were so prepared for my session.  

You should create mini guided meditation recordings, even if they were meant for us to purchase.  Your voice is perfect for it!

Pam - Hypnosis Client

This Weight Loss Program gives me the most hope. In 2 months I already lost 20 pounds. This is the most I was able to lose in years.

(later)I did go to Glacier and over a five day span, hiked 40 miles. I could not have done that without your excellent support and the many great strategies you have shared. your coaching has been very therapeutic for me.


[positive: communication, professionalism, quality] Joanna's coaching sessions helped me to see things in a new way. Her thoughtful questions and guidance allowed me to shed light on situations and emotional drivers that otherwise would have remained hidden. She helped me with a particularly difficult situation. 

Jeanine T.

Thank You!