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Guided Meditations [self-hypnosis]

Deep Sleep Visualization

[13 min] Prepares you for deep, rejuvenating sleep by helping put away any troubling thoughts. Then you walk thru a field of flowers towards a white tent, glowing with a dim, warm light, to spend your peaceful night there. Music by Christopher LLoyd Clarke

After the purchase, check your email for "Purchase Receipt" It will contain a link to download the recording.

Dynamic Grounding & Divine Alignment 

[17 minutes] My newest and my favorite! Focusing on the 1st and 7th chakra. Dynamic - means it will not be useful for sleep. It will help you reawaken the feeling of being alive from within. It will help you to feel focused, grounded and connected. Aligned with your essence and grounded in your connection with the Earth.      Music by C.L. Clarke and Kevin MacLeod

After the purchase, check your email for "Purchase Receipt" It will contain a link to download the recording.

Inner Mastermind

[13 min] Inspired by Napoleon Hills' personal practice, this guided meditation creates a structure to meet in your imagination the people you admire, contemporary and those who passed on, spirit guides, etc, your imagination is the limit. You will get to ask them 3 question allowing for your subconscious mind to facilitate this experience and receive answers. You get plenty of time to "receive" the answers (from 1:30-3 min, which feels long in the alpha state) N. Hill believed that our minds are connected in an invisible way. Quantum energy confirms that.  Enjoy! (Music: Swami Madhuram Puri)

After the purchase, check your email for "Purchase Receipt" It will contain a link to download the recording.

Mental Chatter Clearing

[9 minutes]  Our minds can be filled with overthinking, thoughts and problems that are not always ours to solve. Create an inner radar, a tool of inner wisdom, that picks up and clears up everything that overwhelms your mental space. 

After the purchase, check your email for "Purchase Receipt" It will contain a link to download the recording up to 3 times

River of peace (Letting go of negativity)

(11 minutes) We all have access to deep peace within. I call it the river of peace (in contrast to the river of misery!:) The peace is always available to us, as long as we choose it.  This visualization is specifically created to help you turn away from negative emotions you may be experiencing, and access the place within where you accept yourself, respect  and honor yourself. To experience peace. (Music: Swami Madhuram Puri)

After the purchase, check your email for "Purchase Receipt" It will contain a link to download the recording up to 3 times

Vision and Clarity

 [ 2019 version  20 min] This guided meditation leads you through 7 layers of a manifestation process,  which happens through the 7 energy centers in your energy system. Ambient Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke will help you reach deep level of relaxation. 

Full Body Relaxation by the Ocean. 

[18min]   Currently free on YouTube and Insight Timer.

The background sound includes waves and birds singing and chirping (birds are dominant) The voice guides you through a progressive body relaxation, while you imagine yourself on a pristine beach. 

"New Agreements" Part of a book "Accessing Peace"

Previously called  "From Anger to Peace"

[20 min] This self hypnosis help you to reimagine and practice emotional responses, when you want to move away from anger towards peace. It's a part of a 7 steps process described in the book. 

On the download page enter the password you found in your book [chapter 9, step 7]

Week 2 of 4. Guided Meditation from Joe Dispenza's

"Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" page 309

[15 min] I recorded this mainly for myself, but thought I'd share. This Meditation is from Joe's process, from week 2.  I didn't record Week 1, because that's simply a practice of body relaxation to create Alpha Waves. 

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