The Path Of Fulfillment 

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Hi I'm Joanna! 

If you want to lose weight, but you keep falling "off the wagon"... because you love to eat, or

Your dream is to get things done, to create, but you keep procrastinating... 

Get ready to transform it once and for all. 

{Your journey may include: self-love, creativity, and a fulfilling relationship with yourself, other people, and your Time.} 

As a certified life coach and a clinical hypnotherapist, I help you access your whole mind: 

the conscious and subconscious to create the change.

Sessions can be in person, in Phoenix, AZ or via 

Are you looking for fulfillment

in all the wrong places?

Overeating and procrastination are "fulfilling" for about a minute.  Long term, they make us neglect self-care, creativity, and spirituality.  Are you willing to take a deep breath, shift the energy, and discover what's possible for you?  If yes, I'm with you. 



Joanna is gifted to go deep and unravel destructive subconscious patterns, from this life or past life.  Her thorough work and ability to guide profoundly gave me such clarity and restored a huge chunk of inner trust. Thanks, Joanna

Anne V.  


 ... and want to once more thank you for a most powerful day in my life you gave to me back in September. It was transformational for me in so many ways ... and opened the doors wide ... both in and out. Please know I appreciate what I received that day in a very special way.

"One day intensive" Client 


"I hit 150 pounds today. I have also moved down from a size 14 pair of pants to a size 12 pair of pants. I am so excited as is my husband. [...] I’m thrilled that I didn’t gain anything [back] I have you to thank for all of this. I feel like I still am in control. Thank you so much." (this client lost 25 pounds in 5 hypnosis sessions)

J.C. - weight loss client

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