How exactly do I 

"Change my Mind to change my Body+Life?"

With Life Coaching / Mind Management and Hypnotherapy

I can help you transform your Mindset and be the person you are meant to be: fulfilled, confident, free to express your Soul in Art and Life, in control of emotional eating, free to love yourself 🤍  - Joanna

Sessions can be in person, in Phoenix, AZ or virtually via 

Hi, I'm Joanna Zajusz, Certified Life and Weight Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist

This means I can help you access and use your WHOLE mind: the conscious and subconscious, to create lasting changes. I have been helping Clients since 2013 reach their goals in Life, Weight loss, Spirituality, Self-Care and Creativity. Click above to schedule your free consultation and see if this work is right for you. I can't wait to meet you. 

How can we work together?


Tune-upS and breakthroughs

Two to four meetings.

You are trying hypnotherapy for the first time. You have just one thing you need to take care of in your inner life. 


Great for addressing one issue: Past life regression, Quantum work, performance, practice for the future, change habits,  grief, relaxation.

Yes, breakthroughs happen here as well.

From $150 / 90 min 


True Transformation

Six to sixteen weeks. 

This option works for 

weight loss / stop overeating. Limiting beliefs transformation, creativity goals, and more.

We choose one main goal, but we will likely work on other aspects in life, supporting the goal. 

Example: weight loss and relationships. Creativity and time management. 

$750 - $2,500 


Access your superpowers -partnership

Six to ten months.

When you deeply crave a total makeover from within. 

When you are ready to manifest and create even more, while getting better at self care.

When managing the mind once a week  is not enough.

When you are working on a creative project (art, book, or life makeover) 

 "Unlimited" sessions.

Includes: coaching, hypnosis, and all spiritual work suited to Client's needs. 

$6,000 - $10,000



Joanna is gifted to go deep and unravel destructive subconscious patterns, from this life or past life.  Her thorough work and ability to guide profoundly gave me such clarity and restored a huge chunk of inner trust. Thanks, Joanna

Anne V.  


 ... and want to once more thank you for a most powerful day in my life you gave to me back in September. It was transformational for me in so many ways ... and opened the doors wide ... both in and out. Please know I appreciate what I received that day in a very special way.

"One day intensive" Client 


"I hit 150 pounds today. I have also moved down from a size 14 pair of pants to a size 12 pair of pants. I am so excited as is my husband. [...] I’m thrilled that I didn’t gain anything [back] I have you to thank for all of this. I feel like I still am in control. Thank you so much." (this client lost 25 pounds in 5 hypnosis sessions)

J.C. - weight loss client

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