Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat

understand your mind and emotions that drive you to overeat

and direct them to create new habits and new body

No diet, no deprivation, no calorie counting. 

Just a lifestyle [created by you] that supports your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Do you love to eat? 

I do. I used to think that this alone makes weight loss impossible.

Boring food? Starving myself?  No thank you. I would rather... 

I thought it would mean missing out on connection and enjoyment.

Turns, you can enjoy food even more. And enjoy it consciously.

Food is an emotional subject, isn't it? 

And so is fat (the one we carry) And so is nutrition (plus this one can be confusing)

When we work together, we simplify it. 

You will be able to EXPERIENCE how your own, brilliant mind, creates a new reality. 

Why work with me? 

I too was addicted to food before. By the age of 44 I ate enough sugar for a couple of lifetimes. I never had to lose a huge amount of weight, but what I had was a hopeless task. Food was, or seemed to be, stronger than me.  

As I learned more about nutrition, how the brain works, and as I coached myself, I stopped the addictions, lost weight, applied patiently one good habit at a time. 

My clients love their individualized hypnotherapy, which you may know, helps with creation of new habits - but that's... really only a drop in the ocean of possibilities.

Not into hypnosis? We can do 100% coaching.  

I know this process requires courage. But the freedom is worth so much more than any ice cream or chocolate. Can you imagine? 

I love to support your WEIGHT LOSS WELLNESS in a holistic way.

Weight loss for people who love to eat

one : one Program

We start where you are. You are the curriculum.

We work on what's challenging for you at a given time.

This is what you can expect:

  • We will address nutrition 
  • Emotional eating and food addictions
  • Overeating
  • How your brain works. How your hormones work. 
  • Your souls cravings. Body cravings. Emotional cravings. 
  • Body awareness. Self care. Self acceptance. Self respect. Emotional awareness. 
  • Mindfulness
  • Inner conflicts. Limiting beliefs. Self sabotage. 
  • I will not tell you WHAT to eat. However I will have few suggestions on what NOT to eat.
  • I will not have an exercise plan for you, but I will help you find ways to move your body in the most beneficial way.
  • I will never tell you that you cannot eat something EVER again, but you will start making conscious choices out of self respect, from a place of knowledge.
  • You will become more aware of your thoughts and emotions leading to overeating 
  • You will not count calories  [unless you totally love it]. 
  • We will address relationships if they "interfere"
  • We will address subconscious causes of weight, and we can even go to past lives if you like. 
  • And dozens of other topics that may come up for you. 

When you are ready, when you are done overeating and putting yourself last... When you've had enough of disappointment - commit to yourself.

The length of our work together will depends on you. 

Every BODY is different.

How to make the best of it? Commit. One session here and there is really a disservice to your future self.  Weight loss topic encompasses all areas of life. We need time to find clarity, change our mind, and become the person that creates and maintains the optimal body weight. 

Commit yourself to 10 sessions: one payment of $1500. 

You set the pace but it's approximately 4 months

Commit yourself to 18 sessions: one payment of $2,500 

You set the pace but it's approximately 6 months. 

CC, PP, Cash, or Bitcoin

Included: support in between the sessions. 

Location: video call / zoom.us 

If you are local you can come see me in person for all or just hypnotherapy sessions. 

Ask me about the refund policy.

alternatively please call:  480.331.8004


This is not a program for persons with severe eating disorders or  with a history of traumatic abuse. Clinical hypnotherapist is NOT a therapist, psychologist, and does not have a medical background. 

Hypnosis is not for people with mental illness.  You are responsible for your medical and food allergies tests. If you have a medical condition that may be affected by dietary changes, you are responsible for talking with your doctor.  

I kindly ask for your doctor's  written permission if you want to lose more than 25 pounds. Or if you have a diabetes. You agree to take a 100% responsibility for your actions that result from coaching.

Joanna studied: Holistic nutrition with Dr. Henele (Cert. 2012)  Holistic cooking.  Clinical Hypnotherapy. (Cert. 2014) Hypnotherapy for weight loss. (Cert. 2019) Coaching with Brooke Castillo:  Advanced Weight Loss program + currently in the Life Coach Certification training,  the work of  Dr. Jason's Fung, the work of Dr. Catherine Shanahan and more. 


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