Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat

Six-month body/mind/spirit wellness program. Weekly, private coaching and hypnotherapy.

Coaching  |  Clinical Hypnotherapy  |  Nutrition |  Energy

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I will guide you to end your cravings, stop overeating, and feel in control around food, without struggle. 

In this work, we don't rely on willpower.  Instead, we clear the emotional and nutritional reasons we overeat and naturally reduce cravings. This work is healing for the body and mind. The drama ends.  You feel in control and free.

My promise,

when you commit and go through this program with me


  • You will lose weight.  This time in a healthy way.
  • You will learn to love yourself more. 
  • You will stop overeating. You will say good bye to cravings. You will feel in control. 
  • You will transform your relationship with food, yourself, and your body. Maybe even a relationship with another person. 
  • You will end the confusion about nutrition. ( I'll make it simple for you to apply the knowledge.) 
  • You will learn tools how to end emotional eating.
  • You will understand the role of hormones.
  • We will resolve your Inner conflictsLimiting beliefs. Self sabotage. 
  • You will learn how NOT to go back to the place of gaining the weight back while feeling powerless. 
  • For Clients open to other modalities: we can incorporate clinical hypnotherapy and energy healing into the program. However you can totally achieve your results without them.

  • 6 months, private 1:1 coaching - $3,600.

    Location: video calls on zoom.us  or in person, in Phoenix, AZ 

    Why work with me? 

    By the age of 44 I ate enough sugar for a couple of lifetimes. I never had to lose a huge amount of weight, but what I had was a hopeless task. Food was, or seemed to be, stronger than me.  

    I know what it's like to be passionate about food on one hand... and on the other, be bitterly disappointed with myself. 

    As I learned more about nutrition, how the brain works, and as I coached myself, I stopped the addictions, lost weight, applied patiently one good habit at a time.

    I invested in the best training so YOU can get your Results. Faster. 

    I know this process requires courage. But the freedom is worth so much more than any ice cream or chocolate. Can you imagine? 

    Joanna studied: 

    • The Life Coach School  with Brooke Castillo  + Advanced Weight Loss 
    • Clinical Hypnotherapist (2014) 
    • Hypnotherapy for weight loss. (Cert. 2019)
    • Holistic nutrition with Dr. Henele  N.D. (Cert. 2012)  Holistic cooking 
    • The work of  Dr. Jason's Fung, M.D., the work of Catherine Shanahan M.D., Primal Blueprint and more. 
    • In progress: Healthy Keto and IF Certification  with Dr. Berg