Weight Loss For People Who Love to Eat

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You may be wondering: how can I ever lose weight if I love food so much?!

You can. And I am here to teach you how. 

Hi I'm Joanna Zajusz (JayZee)

This is a private, confidential, (1:1) program,

that meets you "where you are."

When you go through this process with me, you will realize that "loving" food has nothing to do with gaining weight.  

You will lose weight in a sustainable way.

You will stop sabotaging yourself with emotional eating and cravings - with ease. 

You will heal internally, as you release your emotional baggage, and the subconscious reasons for overeating.

Even if you LOVE to eat. 

This is the most I was able to lose in years.

Jan - Weight loss client 

This Weight Loss Program gives me the most hope. In 2 months I already lost 20 pounds. This is the most I was able to lose in years.

(later) Continuing this work I lost even more. I did go on that trip and over a five day span, hiked 40 miles. I could not have done that without your excellent support and the many great strategies you have shared. your coaching has been very therapeutic for me.

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This coaching program is for you if...

  • You are open to some changes in your eating even if now you don't know yet what and how;
  • You reached a plateau in other programs (like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig); 
  • You start weight loss process often and... also quit often;
  • You are willing to look at your mind- with lots of my help;
  • You are ok with some food journaling and planning.
  • You are open to release self- judgement and to "try on" self-care. 

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You don't want to make any practical changes;
  • You are not willing to share information on what and how much you eat;
  • You plan on keeping an alcohol or ice cream consumption a secret from the coach;
  • You feel entitled to eat lots of unhealthy food, whil expecting the coaching/ hypnosis do its magic;
  • You are not open to reflect on your mind. 

My promise. This Program is:


  • You will no longer be confused about what to eat. You will lose weight while supporting your mind / body wellbeing. 
  • You will know and apply nutrition 
  • Cravings will go away 
  • You will understand your brain. 
  • You will understand your hormones and how your choices impact them


  • We work with the subconscious mind, breaking through limiting beliefs.
  • We will clear the emotional blocks. 
  • You learn to eat from a place of self-care. 
  • You will transform your mindset
  • We can use regression and energy healing


  • Balancing emotionally: we let food do the heavy lifting here, but...
  • mindset is also a big part of this coaching program. You will experience the effect of it almost immediately.
  • Afraid of deprivation? We have the tools for that!
  • You will transition from emotional eating to natural eating


  • We remove inner conflicts and self-sabotage
  • You will improve your relationship with your body, your food and possibly... with others
  • If you used food or drinks to numb your creative impulses - or to procrastinate - you will break free from this habit.

The program does not take the JOY away. It teaches you enjoying food in a new way,

without the constant cycle of losing and gaining. It gives you back control and peace. And I have your back along the way. 

6 months of weekly sessions, just you are me  -still only $3,600!

Price goes up January 5th

Location: video calls on zoom.us  or in person, in Phoenix, AZ 

I hit 150 today! I'm thrilled

J.C. Weight loss client 

I hit 150 pounds today. I have also moved down from a size 14 pair of pants to a size 12 pair of pants. I am so excited as is my husband. [...] I’m thrilled that I didn’t gain anything [back] I have you to thank for all of this. I feel like I still am in control. Thank you so much."

No - there's no magic pill. However I do have magic Joanna! 

MM Weight Client 

I was nervous & scared of being judged. And she was fantastic! Once I started to open up, she helped me to feel....safe.. And my weight was  dropping.

I lost 20+ lbs and have kept that weight off for a year. 


Why work with me? 

Few years ago I realized, that by the age of 44 I ate enough sugar for a couple of lifetimes. I never had to lose a huge amount of weight, but what I had was a hopeless task. Bad Food was, or seemed to be, stronger than me. 

I know what it's like to be passionate about food on one hand... and on the other, be bitterly disappointed with myself. 

As I learned more about nutrition, how the brain works, and as I coached myself, I stopped the addictions, lost weight, applied patiently one good habit at a time.

I invested in the best training so YOU can get your Results. Faster. 

I know this process requires courage. But the freedom is worth so much more than any ice cream or chocolate. Can you imagine? 

Let's talk 

Joanna studied: 

  • The Life Coach School  with Brooke Castillo  + Advanced Weight Loss 
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (2014) 
  • Hypnotherapy for weight loss. (Cert. 2019)
  • Holistic nutrition with Dr. Henele  N.D. (Cert. 2012)  Holistic cooking 
  • The work of  Dr. Jason's Fung, M.D., the work of Catherine Shanahan M.D., Primal Blueprint and more. 
  • Healthy / Green Keto and IF Certification  


With your help I now know it is not supposed to be easy but I am worth the challenge

Z.K. weight client 

  • with your help I lost 11.5 lbs in a 5 week period, which is the most weight I’ve lost consistently in a month since 2019
  • with your help I now have an easy framework for every single meal I eat (CCPP) 
  • with your help I don’t think “I have calories left let’s eat the donut” instead I think “Do I really want to put sugar into my body” you completely evoked my thinking!
  • with your help I now have an abundant mindset towards vegetables and whole foods. 
  • with your help I now know that it’s not supposed to be easy, but I’m worth the challenge.
  • with your help I now have more even energy throughout the day.
  • with your help I now have hope
  • And confidence in my ability to lose weight and keep weight off long term.