"Wouldn't it be great to have one person who would stand by me in this process? 

Who would know how to manage my mind and the drama, without judging me? 

Maybe there is something deeper going on, and she would know how to handle that too.

And wouldn't it be great if that person wasn't confused about nutrition? 

And who would remind me that I have what it takes to do this?" 

Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat

1. Coaching

understand,  manage and direct your mind + emotions

align your subconscious mind with your conscious goal

3. Nutrition talk

support the body in its return to wellness and natural weight

You may think I will tell you what to do and what to eat. But in reality you will transform the relationship you have with your self and the food you eat. 

No diet, no deprivation, no calorie counting. 

Just a lifestyle [created by you] that supports your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Do you love to eat?  I used to think that this alone makes weight loss impossible. Boring food? Starving myself?  No, thank you. I thought it would mean missing out on connection and enjoyment. Plus, the drama of deprivation! 

Turns, the "deprivation"  is an illusion. The hard part is much shorter than expected.   

And then, you can enjoy food and connection even more. Consciously.

Do you want to end the weight loss drama and learn tools for life?  

Let me guide you thru the process and... 

You will be able to EXPERIENCE how your own, brilliant mind, creates a new reality. 

What happens when we work together:


  • You transform your relationship with food, eating, your body.  Maybe even with another person. 
  • You get clear on your goal and you work on it deliberately.   
  • You get clear on nutrition. As much as possible. 
  • You  become aware when you eat emotionally. You learn tools how to end it.
  • You understand the role of brain and hormones. ( I make it simple!) 
  • Your can tell apart souls cravings. Body cravings. Emotional cravings. 
  • You learn Self care. Self acceptance. Self respect. 
  • You are more aware. 
  • We resolve your Inner conflicts. Limiting beliefs. Self sabotage. 
  • You start making conscious choices out of self respect, from a place of knowledge.
  • We address subconscious causes of weight, and we can even go to past lives if you like. 
  • Many other things may come up for you - we will find a solution to them in your mind. 

Existing and past clients (from 2019 onward) keep their rate!

Location: video call / zoom.us  or my Phoenix , AZ office

Why work with me? 

By the age of 44 I ate enough sugar for a couple of lifetimes. I never had to lose a huge amount of weight, but what I had was a hopeless task. Food was, or seemed to be, stronger than me.  

I know what it's like to be passionate about food on one hand... and on the other, be bitterly disappointed with myself. 

As I learned more about nutrition, how the brain works, and as I coached myself, I stopped the addictions, lost weight, applied patiently one good habit at a time. 

I know this process requires courage. But the freedom is worth so much more than any ice cream or chocolate. Can you imagine? 

I love to support your WEIGHT LOSS WELLNESS in a holistic way.

Joanna studied: 

  • The Life Coach School  with Brooke Castillo  + Advanced Weight Loss 
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (2014) 
  • Hypnotherapy for weight loss. (Cert. 2019)
  • Holistic nutrition with Dr. Henele  N.D. (Cert. 2012)  Holistic cooking 
  • The work of  Dr. Jason's Fung, the work of Catherine Shanahan M.D., Primal Blueprint and more.