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and past life regression [regression therapy]

Hypnosis:  also know as "guided visualization".  Personalized, to address your specific goal.  Hypnosis is a state in which brain waves change from beta (daily awaken state) to Alpha (or even deeper, like Theta) and at that moment the critical faculty of the mind allows more constructive, positive, desirable beliefs to be accepted by the mind.  

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of relaxation in which our negative, limiting, subconscious patterns are being rewritten with those we desire, supporting our well-being, peace and success. 

If you truly want to feel connected with your "Higher Self"  this is perhaps the most comfortable and effortless way of doing so. 

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$95.00 / session     Past Life Regression $150.00

Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, Past Life Regression can help with:

  • feeling empowered to be who you are meant to be, and do what you are meant to do
  • physical, emotional, spiritual challenges
  • phobias, anxiety, fears (of public speaking, flying, animals, water, and many others)
  • medical issues (best if used in combination with other therapies)
  • inner conflicts,  confidence, dealing with midlife crisis, obsessive thoughts about certain issues or people
  • removing unwanted, unhealthy habits, supporting positive, healthy habits
  • clarifying mysteries in one's life
  • transforming emotions (negativity, anger, etc)
  • concentration, creativity, career issues, self image
  • inspiration, access to the inner wisdom, creating inner mastermind
  • gaining insight, changing specific behavior
  • self forgiveness, self awareness, self criticism, creating a bigger vision for one's life
  • and many many other issues even "crazy" ones. Just ask. 

More about Hypnosis below

What is Hypnotherapy?

  1. Clinical hypnotherapy is a proven (safe and natural) method of making positive changes in life and it has no side effects.
  2. The basic advantages of hypnotherapy is stress release, deep relaxation and, usually, insight.
  3. Each of us is in a state of hypnosis several times a day: when you take the usual road home and don't kwno how you got there or when watching a movie.
  4. The difference between natural altered state of consciousness and the applied altered state of consciousness, is, that it’s directed, productive and  always serving your interest. 
  5. It may take up to a week to feel the results of the session.

Hypnotherapy is NOT for:

  • Persons with any mental illness. 
  • And very young children 

How does a hypnotherapy session look like?

What can you expect in a hypnosis session with me?

  1. We first talk over the phone (or email) about your goal for the session
  2. You sit down in a very comfortable chair. Soft, relaxing music, like you would expect in a spa, is playing while I start guiding you thru relaxation.
  3. When your body relaxes and your brain waves are moving from beta to alpha and theta, (like in meditation) your subconscious mind is more open to let go of the limiting beliefs and accept positive suggestions. The positive suggestions are described by you, before the session and I incorporate them in beautiful stories. 
  4. Depending on a problem you are trying to resolve the effects can be seen right away, or over time, in few days or a week, you will notice that don’t have the problem. Though many people achieve the results in one session, some may need few additional ones to make changes.

Hypnotherapy is not: counseling, therapy, healing.  A hypnotherapist is NOT a medical practitioner.

Click here for 'Frequently Asked Questions' About Hypnosis

My healing room is located near Biltmore / AZ-51 and Bethany Home. 

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