Past Life Regression (Regression Therapy), Weight Loss Hypnosis, 

Inner Conflict Resolution (Parts Therapy), and virtually any everyday issue

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial in nearly any problem. For example: 

  • emotional eating,
  • motivation, procrastination,
  • chronic pain, medical problems,
  • preparation for surgery, post surgery recovery 
  • fears, phobias, mild anxiety, grief
  • creativity, self confidence, purpose in life,
  • emotional and spiritual pain, breakups,
  • inner conflicts, decision making 
  • and many more

Faster Results

  • Hypnosis is a pleasant state of relaxation in which our negative, limiting, subconscious patterns are being rewritten with those we desire, supporting our well-being, peace and success.
  • If you truly want to feel connected with your "Higher Self"  this is perhaps the most comfortable and effortless way of doing so.
  • Hypnosis is a state in which brain waves change from Beta to Alpha, which allows the mind to accept the constructive, positive beliefs about ourselves.
  • Our sessions are personalized, to address your specific goal.  

Joanna Zajusz - Clinical Hypnotherapist, 

and Certified Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

Use your subconscious mind right

New to hypnosis? In this video I'm answering the common questions:

  • What is hypnosis/ hypnotherapy?
  • How/why does it work?
  • What can you expect in a session?
  • How soon will you see the results?

If you have more questions, we will cover them during the initial phone call.  

Schedule Your Session

To schedule, please use the calendar below.  In person: Phoenix, AZ.  Online: Zoom.us 

Hypnosis: Essential for inner transformation

A part of coaching

Whenever a client is open to it, we make hypnosis a part of our coaching work.  The benefits are undeniable: you make lasting changes, you get in touch with your inner wisdom, create new neural pathways, and achieve your goals faster. 

Work with the Subconscious

Hypnotherapy is an essential part of a transformation. We want to create the desired changes on the deeper level. Considering that the subconscious makes about 85% of the mind, we can't ignore it. Change has to happen on the cellular level, in our biology. Hypnosis is the best tool for that. 

Work in the Quantum Field

Quantum physics bring a scientific explanation to the effectiveness of hypnosis / visualization. The Field, in which we create a state of "no body, no time, no space",  allows us to truly co-create our reality [see works of Dr. Bruce Lipton and D. Joe Dispenza]

Deep relaxation 

I often hear after the session "I don't remember the last time I was so relaxed."  For many, stress relief is a welcomed, additional benefit of hypnosis, since each session includes full body progressive relaxation, and incredibly peaceful atmosphere in which we do the inner work. 

Hypnotherapy is NOT for: Persons with a mental illness and very young children. The hypnotherapist is not a medical practitioner nor a therapist. If the sessions include medical hypnosis the client should not alter medications without talking to his/her medical doctor. If seeking hypnosis for medical issues, depression or anxiety, doctor's written approval may be required.   Certain sessions may create "false memories". 

Not sure if you will like it?

Hypnotherapy is experienced like guided visualization. (except that hypnosis is personalized, to improve your specific condition, to remove your specific blocks) You may check out my and many other teachers' guided visualizations, music and courses on Insight Timer. 

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